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My Brain is Draining My Ass Today! (Bilge of the highest order)


I need some sort of regulating body to adhere to I think ;(

I can’t keep up with the little mo-fo (my brain).

I have 18 tasks on the go simultaneously and apart from completing snippets of bilge and smoking, the rest is just basically me making a massive mess

Pooey environments don’t help with the concept of calm…

But it’s a continuous battle, just clearing up after myself

I need to bloody meditate or something, but I don’t know where to start

Plus, there’s no point trying cos I will forget in 6.3 seconds that I’m meant to be meditating, and it won’t be til I’m shuffling evidence papers 15 minutes later, that I’ll remember I was meant to be meditating! 15 minutes ago! (Small zone outs are allowed but 15 minutes is complete un-dooo-ance!) Read the rest of this entry

Calling all Narcissists… Re-blogging your own ‘Squit’ :)


If we’re honest…

We’ve all been there – we polish off a post, we re-read one last time, a small smile creeps across our face as we secretly, internally marvel at the sheer genius of both ourselves, and the content 😉

We post it…

And tumbleweed!

It hurts, but somehow we get back up and we fight to live another day 😉

Well; For all those poor little masterpieces that for some reason, YOU actually thought were NOT worthy of shredding to bits, immediately after you posted them…

RE-POST the little gems!

The rules

(Don’t tell Word-Press, ‘cos I think this is semi illegal in tut Bloggus-Sphere) Read the rest of this entry

Sorry has evolved from ‘Hum Drum to Fun’


Once upon a time…

Sorry used to be a difficult thing to say

But with the birth of the wondrous World Wide Web, there are now countless ways to apologise, and to be honest, searching for them borders on pleasurable. So I say, if you’re not quite sure whether you should be sorry or not ;)… just plunge in and apologise anyway. It’s not like the old days anymore 😉

You can do it

Like This

Or Like This

Or Like This

Or Like This

Or Like This

Or Like This…

Plunge People 😉

Short Number 18 – When you really want an excuse to say… ‘cotton picking minute!’


Sally was arguing with Trevor, and she could feel her lip beginning to tremble.

The giggles began to bubble up!

She tried to twitch it out, but Trevor saw the flash in her eyes and said…

“Can we take a cotton picking minute here, paaaleeease?”

She could hold it no longer 😉

(50 words)

Can we all just take a minute PAAALEEEEASE? ;)


To smile at the unbelievable cuteness of

‘Jools Humble Holland’

I wouldn’t swop my Dad for the world, but if I was Dad-less, I would ask Jools to adopt me

As Micheal McIntyre notes – He introduces everybody whilst walking backwards

He is mildly loved up with every soul that graces his stage, and he sways whilst playing the piano, a good foot each side, from the middle (big sways)

He can be found grinning and launching his hands in the air mid song, in appreciation of the fabulous musician that he is staring at…all ‘awe’d up’ Read the rest of this entry