Can we all just take a minute PAAALEEEEASE? ;)


To smile at the unbelievable cuteness of

‘Jools Humble Holland’

I wouldn’t swop my Dad for the world, but if I was Dad-less, I would ask Jools to adopt me

As Micheal McIntyre notes – He introduces everybody whilst walking backwards

He is mildly loved up with every soul that graces his stage, and he sways whilst playing the piano, a good foot each side, from the middle (big sways)

He can be found grinning and launching his hands in the air mid song, in appreciation of the fabulous musician that he is staring at…all ‘awe’d up’

Christ, this is the only time R Kelly has ever been remotely cool, and only cos he twinned with Joolsy boy for 5 minutes (check out his trademark excitement and adoration at 2.40 to 3.01)

He is to music – what David Attenborough is to Nature

Look at him here when the guy does the sax solo (2.44 – 3.20 IT IS GOLD :))

He is to music – what Morgan Freeman is to the Gods of Narrators

He is wondrously empassioned

He can’t do anything to hide it, and his little pop belly and slightly too high waistbands, just polish him off

He has the best job in the world, he is wildly famous but none of this matters to him, he just wants to beam at the band, and melt at the singers…

Little Genius!

Today, Dawny says…Love Mr Holland

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