Never a Dull Moment! Ever!


Deirdre as she appeared in the 1970s.(Why is Deird’s so massive today?)

Just when you thought life couldn’t get any weirder…

It does!

Be sure to know that you will soon find yourself, in weirder clearer waters! Those oceans previously believed to have belonged to some other crazy race, somehow…do not. Turns out, we are all part of the same fooking water source!

Perhaps discussing the issue with a friend might seem like an idea, it’s such fun reeling the facts list off, just before the shiny van comes zooming round the corner, with the white coat swat team leaning out of the side doors…Their wild blonde locks, billowing in the wind as they sprint to my rescue with paddles and belts in hand 🙂 (It’s all very 1920’s healthcare round ‘ere, hence the scene)

They’re coming to take me away…ha ha

They’re coming to take me away…he he

With that, Deird’s made a decision. She had to just ‘chalk’ this 78th reminder to never ignore her gut, or her beady eye of suspicion…

To…more of a,

‘Deirdre you are a Doofus’ … Still!

And bathe in the sanity and lunacy of perceived madness, all alone 😉

Pigs in Buttermere.

Pigs in Butternut-Squash!

Life is the battle field, we are the soldiers (ohhhhh the drama)

That’s about all I have to say about that right now!

Mouth fully agape…and close. Beware of words that rhyme with close, like little mo-fo’s. It’s a bloody good job I was reminded this week, that I am a stong invincible woman, with an actual selection of stalkers to choose from, should I ever get bored with the Taurus/Gemini/Alien Aquarius one, I seem to have acquired. Though that may well prove trickier, than all tut battlegrounds we previously waded through!

Nope sorry, I forgot for a moment, It’s all in my ‘ed. Silly me

Bathing Pigs are Funny…and also Very Naughty

If you see any large groups of Pigs taking charge, amongst the waves and/or around the coastal areas of Britain, do call the coastguard, I beg of ya!

Naughty Pigs! Boars! Rabbits! Sooth-Sayers! Politicians! Girls and Boys Tooooooo?…Seriously?

Tick a dee tutttttt! And can we just take a cotton picking minute here simultaneously and repeatedly…paaaallleeeease!?


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