With this brain – I do believe I’ve fallen Asleep for SURE this time!


While the Attorney Is Asleep

Bear with me, just a mere few hours (fooooking hurry up)

And I may well be confirming that A) After 10 to 14 days of absolutely no sleep, I single-handedly solved an epic police tale all by my self! Literally Epic

B) I indeed should have been an investigator and added to this, Dawny is officially not crazy, she now only has a giant vendetta for the NHS! (I’m not after their money, just their shame and a very long-winded apology/I did it!

LARGELY, only a true crazy lady could have ever arrived at the gargantuan and ridiculous conclusion that I reached, back in the day! And only an actual real life super-man and I think super woman too, YES DEF…may have actually done the truliest spandangly thing I’ve ever heard of, in my entire drama filled Scorpion existence

And back to AD!

And back to at least the book of Revelations! And glasses up to hope and delusion!

Scanning Geography tut Janet and 60 minute make over possibilities, fooking gotta love the 3’s!

Please someone put me out of my misery because I can’t do a whole comic in a night, it’s a fooking blessed amazing gi-bastard-normous novel which both frightens and entertains equally ,with every turn of the page!

Life never ever fails to amaze me on a level I didn’t think could even exist, about every 3 months on average, but this tops the lot!

I wrote a 17 point post about this, some time ago in the very throes of pyschosis. I may well be slamming it up ‘ere in a bit, that, or wishing I didn’t gush prematurely again. Before checking with Sanity

(Just checked and I may have lost it, it’s dark and twisty outside and I still have no bin), and all is very quiet (and mildly amusing)

And I do believe I’m gonna have to retract all my previous very laden connotations, for those folk known as Coppers!

And it’s my boys buff-a-day! How did I remember (BETTY I MIGHT NOTE) and I don’t think I have to be scared of GRAVATARS anymore (yay), but I am mildly concerned that I’m being ‘Truman showed’ on top of this, but I am aware that my perception is as warped, as often as it is correct. So I’m gonna try to shrug that little one off…;)

Literally, If I made this all up, then god bless ,, cos I am all alone in my lounge, at 3.30am, and I’ve been crying and dying with embarrassment, on a possible self-made stage. If I’m not mad then you should know that the NHS take the piss, because they left me sitting in my own piss, and this alone, deserves a butt whipping although I am meandering onto the joys of – Trent’s Sea Shoes 🙂

All worth it in the end

One RIP cos this is fucked up shit, and officially for comics only; but life is as magic as it is sad, but not today, it is just ALL MAGIC! (But still, heroic and shocking and at least half-true) Every enormously trippy thing IS!

And I think, there is a small chance that if you carry enough hope around on sometimes heavy shoulders, people can be seen forming actual miracles in front of your eyes, and all cos they are ‘just nice people’…and super spandangly and amazing, and strong, and invincible, and light shining AND HUMAN woman/man merge thingamey of wonder and other realm-ness!

I knew there were some good beans, bobbing about in all that squitting ketchup

To every Russian Spy to ever grace this earth, Dawny LOVES you FOREVER!

All the non-spy types  – you are not bloody bad either, though I could do with some limits at some point soon, I can’t be verging on public hairy legs…I’m feeling like there might be a set of twins at my door, or something similar

Delusions of Grandeur, always been a problem! Never likely to find a cure either, should up to 10% of this be true


LOVE DAWNY’s Memory Lane Button! (and don’t forget to love ‘The Joolsy Too’)

Massive Phat Beginning of The World Drum-Roll

And Tumbleweed!

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