Good versus Evil is never resolved


Evil view Good – as weak and sickening

Good view Evil – as weak and sickening

But good people need to be exposed to weak and sickening behaviour, in order to understand and access their strength and inspiring behaviour

And evil people need to be exposed to weak and sickening behaviour, in order to understand and access their strength and inspiring behaviour

All behaviours are all of these, when viewed through all the eyes

The ironic thing is – these acts of evil and acts of kindness, no matter how far they along they exist on – the severity continuum, are still perceived at some point, in a way that provides the good with a glow AND the evil with a glow…

The very same acts

Evil may create a beautiful scene, that feeds the heart and soul of a person in unimaginable ways; all just so they can laugh at the end point…the point at which the scene is exposed in a big fat fix, through to the moment they cease to cause a reaction in the recipient

The build up to the fix doesn’t make them glow exactly, only the devastation. The build up to the fix cannot make them feel like the recipient, ‘cos one is good and one is evil!

A small part of them enjoyed the build up – BUT only due to the excitement of the bad climax, and the power.

These things make them feel good, and that is kinda not their fault. So they haven’t become nicer, but they were still able to appreciate the beauty of the build up, even though they aren’t hard-wired to enjoy that bit, the buzz gained comes from the anticipation of the feeling that is obtained, when they crush another weakling

The good person will feel the same buzz as the evil giver, all the way through the build up. But at the end, when evil cackles with a laugh that was born from their soul; good is immediately sickened and weakened.

But it is neither of their faults, that they are hard-wired to enjoy certain things, and to be disgusted by others.

Is there any point trying to change the behaviour of the evil, to counsel them into different ways of being?

Before you think you have an answer to that, think about how you might persuade a kind person, to become evil?

If you are essentially a good person that does some bad things

(Rather than essentially an evil person, who does some good things)

Can you think of anything that would switch your being so much, that you began to feel joy from watching the suffering of others? You could be told for 20 years that the death of others is a fab thing, but no matter what, I think you’d still feel shite watching the footage of the Boxing Day Tsunami

And if you are essentially driven by the bad, you have been told your whole life already, that people dying is a non-fab thing. But I bet, never did anyone say anything that changed your insides so much, that you were able to find any sadness when watching a scene with so much drama in it, that you felt alive with strength and inspiration (a rare NATURAL feeling for evil)

And the reason why evil and good will never meet in the middle is because life exposes them to more and more of each phenomenon, experiences are gained, hearts are broken, people are correctly deemed naive, and correctly deemed exploiters

But it is neither fault they never meet in the middle because insides are insides. No matter how much ‘nasty life’ is thrown around. Insides are insides, and they feed the behaviours that will forever be seen as simultaneously weak, strong, sickening and awe-inspiring

And if we need problems in order to become problem solvers

Then Evil needs Good as much as Good needs Evil

And it is neither’s fault that they are hard-wired to get their kicks in certain ways. I could pretend to not enjoy watching baby seals be burped, and Mr or Mrs Evil could pretend to be touched

But no matter how much evil wins over good, and no matter how much good wins over evil, they will both still be pretending.

It’s just such a fucking great shame that gross atrocities have to occur, before unbounded and gargantuan kindness can be re-awoken

We all miss the small stuff, all of us. And then we all get too neutral.

Pick a side and at least do a half good job of it, paaaleeeease?

Evil people cause the same kind devastation of Tsunami’s, which would be a gift from

‘Evil nature’ and ‘Wonderful nature’.

Nature naturally produces more beauty than one person could ever hope to see, and she causes more death, destruction and pain, than the entire would population of evil.

And I guess that is why she ensured that every species had the same capacities

For mind and breath-taking beauty, and for dark, twisty, and vile representations of…

The Human Spirit!

It is essentially a wonderful thing. But a complex thing that also causes profound pain and suffering, like the sea and the sun and massive brown bears that eat poor little cameramen, for no good reason.

The good and bad need one thing to get through all the wars between them. HOPE! In whatever form that takes in their world, please don’t ever give up on hope. I don’t care if you’ve only had non-hope in every area of your life, since forever. Against all the evidence and all the odds, you must keep it, and if you haven’t got it, go find it in your insides and then keep it. And it has to live in your heart, whether that heart is black or white, it is not welcome in any other organ, and it’s too big to fit in the kidneys and liver.

Never give up on hope! The hope that lives in the heart of all!

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