Show Me The Middle! (I love black people ;)) (Sing it…like Jerry Did)


Dawny’s getting all cryptic,

Cos I’ve switched again, it’s got all happy and mystic

And I’m sick of looking like a tit with the blatant squit, so I’m getting all clever ‘Miss Missy of the Mississippi!’



You gotta love the dark and twisty’s,

They sometimes provide such marvellous mysteries,

I can honestly say I am never really bored,

Today I’ve been pondering Pet Passports and The Lord

(as you do)

I think the arts are far more than impressive,

Though science has gotta take some large ass credit,

Not forgetting blessed HUMOUR! It’s never far from my door or my heart!

Fiction is fact and fact is fiction,

The best you can hope for is confusion, but good diction,

Except that doesn’t really count, cos I’m typing not talking,

But it rhymed, what can I say? Like talking and stalking!

There’s much to be said for being a weirdo! Sometimes you get great piles of miloko!

I don’t know what miloko is, but my poetry genes are renowned for being shit

So I made it up! Forgivezzzzzz Meeeeeeee? Thank-you Please :*0

Although I really do like my tree one (my tree poem)

I will admit it inspired me to hug one once,

I thought I was in private at the time,

But the guys were waiting and watching (mildly embarrassing, but not as embarassing as some of the shite I was blushing about all alone AGAIN, just days ago)

Middle…COME BACK paleeeeease!

Well, this doesn’t seem to be about much ‘middle-dom’….but you should probably know that GOD IS only A Foooooooking DJ!

It would seem  – The church may well have finally caught up with our bilious little society, after-all! 🙂

Happy Squitting Monday to you and Ipad,pod,nano,all robots

Oh My Gaaaaaaawd! And Betty! And the Universe!

I am resisting the urge to launch into an Ivor Novello?Novelli? styleee moment, and things are just getting bleeding ridigalious!

So I’m gonna sign the fooooooooooooooooooook off! And chuckle at the canteen dart vader clip, now I’m all unscared of the WWW for the evening. I’m sure I’ll be back to the winter sun brochures, with major pinched passive aggressive rage lips, in a few hours, tops!

Must get some kip at some point! And make a conscious effort to be less naughty and to blow more bubbles!  

Toodles McDoodles with your Squitting Noodles and Poodles

Little Buggers! 🙂 you’re nice for a while, relish you little mo-fos!

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