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Not this time! The Impossible is about to become Possible……


I don’t know what the force of evil has been up to since the beginning of time; but I am BEGGING you ALL

Begging the world and his mate

Literally begging you to go against every sense you have, ONLY IF every sense you have knows me as bad.

IF you think and/or know I’m good, then go with your senses

Go with or against history

Go with or against the fors and againsts

GO with your feelings, they are ze language of the soul Read the rest of this entry

What a Dream, I’d put a bet on it if I were you ;)


I had a dream that I had lived a thousand previous lives as an absolute shite of a human being, and in every single life I was as hideous as hideous gets

Then, because some highly evolved angels knew I was the opposite of my actions, they bought me to life one more time as a strange being

No IQ, not one brain cell to speak of, no heart, let alone a heart the size of a rugby ball, the same soul ‘cos that’s the only thing ‘they’ couldn’t and wouldn’t change, my steady as a rock gigantic ego, some magic mirrors, and enough guilt to battle with the levels owned by a catholic priest, who preached all day and spent all night shagging every girl in sight.

And then the whole world pulled my strings, like a puppet, or perhaps a muppet.

Monday to Sunday, I was injected with scripts, unknowingly acting out every moment, every scene, with nothing but my soul to give me awareness of myself

By the time I got mid way through life, people started saying…She has finally lost it. Totally fooking bonkers, what a nightmare she turns out to be, every damn time ay? Read the rest of this entry

How Bloody Clever is Old Epic Pants Upstairs? VERY! ;)


Cover of "Wes Craven Presents They"

Once upon a time people weren’t so disillusioned with life, and they believed in the soul as a fluffy section of each human being

They couldn’t see it, but they believed in it anyway, and some said, the human journey of each soul kept repeating and repeating its journey on earth as a human being, until each lad and lassy reached their purpose, that being, to create the ideal of it’s souls dreams, it’s souls job…

Then the soul became the sole, and people started stomping on the hearts of others and popping their clogs in their own ways, through sickness and disease and war and battles for power…

These wars existed in home, street, and country alike

So some clever clever people realised that the heart was leading the soul on a perverted journey, and everyone was sad and in pain Read the rest of this entry

Wishing and a Dreaming! And Patiently waiting for old Epic Pants


If I had just one wish (*clears throat*) Even with the ‘If’… *clears throat*

Just one thing to be changed, from an oceans worth of pain

And shame

And blame

And endless lonely games

Attacks on the ‘Insane’

For god only knows what gain

From torture and maim

One Wish

I wish I could fly…

I wish I could spread my arms out like a superhero

And just fly away every time, every time their daggers stabbed me, I’d forget the pain and fly all the way around the world and back

I hope next time, I come back as a large white bird like the one from that night in Aberdeen, or an excessively pampered cat/dog merge thingamy.

That is, if I ever get the chance to be re-born as someone other than me, this, her, it… Read the rest of this entry

Maybe the Middle? Who Knows???


If you suppose for one minute that we create the reality we live in, through the choices we make and the consequences that flow from them. If we suppose that for every reaction there is a re-action, then this would be a truth.

If I have borderline personality disorder, and if I placed myself in to the firing line of this disorder, the 9 symptoms that define it are born from its sole guiding thought. That thought being the black and white in life. The black and white represents the extremes of everything, and the nothing in between

Like Bi polar, the greatest and the ugliest of everything, lives in the greatest joy and the deepest pain, and the nothing in between Read the rest of this entry

Message to Parliament and Old Cammy Boy!


If you decide you want to run away with all the money, and screw over an entire population of people, then I won’t point out this sentence, ‘cos you are obviously blind!

(Invisible sentence – You are only loaded and powerful because you’re a corrupt and out of touch elitist)

When did you last live on £70 a week for years, your blue tie was probably 2 grand alone

It should be an honour to be the Prime Minister, not a big old ego w**k ;0 Read the rest of this entry

Short Number 23 – An actual ‘Ohhhhh My Gawwwwwwd’ for The First Time


Motivation and Temptation = A pair to be reckoned with!


bookselling-coverI’ve had an ‘on-off’ relationship with writing for parts of my life, but I never ever ever thought I would fall in love with it, to the extent that I have. I know a good 70% of what I write is utter shite, and that was always half the appeal of blogging, the ‘no-ties or rules’ element, allows us to make our pages – whatever we want them to be

But as true to the page as we try to stay, we see readers on our stats and this leads to thinking about readers of books in book shops…

All shiny and PR’d to buggery (Temptation)

And before you know it, we’ve all gone from dreaming about learning to make a widget with an actual real picture link

to daring to think about writing a whole bleeding book

But I never let myself think big like that, mostly because I never have (it’s dangerous to dream and fail), so I just didn’t go there. Plus, it’s so much harder if you’re a struggling ‘arty farty’ type – because there is no good or bad, or right and wrong in this world. Read the rest of this entry

Ohhhh My Gaaaaawd! 68 times over! :////


I wonder how many other people in the world have had a day like I have had today?



Homesickness? Yes! Of the Worst Kind!

1%Me Percent?

Just me?!?!

Before this news I often asked myself

Who are you Dawny?

I don’t know today, I’ve not really known much, ever, except how to have too much fun, and never listen properly!

Now I know everything and STILL nothing

How miraculously shocking is that! ? As a truth? And truth it is!

Today was exactly the same as so many other days I’ve had

33 whole years of days like these… Read the rest of this entry

Short Number 22 – Grossly Extended – 9 Lives


Photographic illustration of a near-death-expe...

What if fiction was fact?

If so, in my living room right now, there is quite a lot going on.

I am dead but I don’t know it cos I’m one of them irritating ‘doo gooders’ every damn time I’m reborn, so I can never just ‘do one’, even when I’m popped off, I hang around like a bad smell

My great grand children are the actual residents of the house on paper; I think its 2030 ish, on the Greenwich mean-time counter (mean DOES NOT mean anything but mean in this realm (7) Read the rest of this entry

We are all Weirdo’s really! ;)


Members of the 'Anonymous' group travel on the...

When we travel on the tube, every single member of society stares at either the floor or the maps, there are short periods where they whip their heads from floor to ceiling, making sure another human pupil is not met by their pupil. (This doesn’t include the odd weirdo who is dribbling and staring at all the ladies jugs)

When we travel in our cars, we don’t just make eye contact with other drivers, we actually get our heads right out of the car to scream at them, eyes popping out of our heads

When we travel on boats, we wave and smile and often scream or shout hello with heightened happy tones, we bib on our boat horns at each other and send greetings like we’ve been friends for 20 years Read the rest of this entry

I wont take up too much of your time, 20 minutes should be ample!!


Moon and Saturn / Maan en Saturnus

Issues for the Upcoming Meeting

Firstly, I would like clarification on the geographical boundaries that exist within the city centre of Moon Pig, being as you know I’m a moron when it comes to geography and spatial awareness. I know not where I live, so, I know not how to choose from any possible future opportunities, without your blessed and necessary guidance

Secondly, after discovering the amount of pure unadulterated love that I have coming my way, through the electro-waves, all the live long day and night. I would like to suggest a policy idea to address the issue. Read the rest of this entry