I wont take up too much of your time, 20 minutes should be ample!!

Moon and Saturn / Maan en Saturnus

Issues for the Upcoming Meeting

Firstly, I would like clarification on the geographical boundaries that exist within the city centre of Moon Pig, being as you know I’m a moron when it comes to geography and spatial awareness. I know not where I live, so, I know not how to choose from any possible future opportunities, without your blessed and necessary guidance

Secondly, after discovering the amount of pure unadulterated love that I have coming my way, through the electro-waves, all the live long day and night. I would like to suggest a policy idea to address the issue. Meeting key members of all parties would be marvellous, but the meeting requires (at minimum), the presence of all the doctors and high-flyers, who know me ‘personally’ (such as family and friends!)

Should this not be possible, the rest of the issues on the agenda, will sadly remain unresolved forever 😦

I trust you will exercise ‘free-will’ in deciding whether to attend or not, so I can only hope that we may get to sit across from one another, some time soon.

(I shall be at home tomorrow all day, waiting for my newly broken washing machine) So I say ‘the sooner the better’ … You’s?

If you wish to confirm attendance at the Flying Dog House Inn, please feel free to confirm your ETA for tommorow, or suggest a more suitable date (on my about me page)

If not, I shall return to apathy, pain, beautiful shoes and eventual indifference, until I either go missing without a trace, or starve to death inside a pretty little bubble lined with razors and pins and a steady flow of shite filling the inside etc, etc…

If all key members are unable to attend, I will be happy to receive advice from a nominated spokesmen of your choice, from the colourful selection found in all groups.

Should we get this far along, a five-minute discussion on primary colour charts would be grand, as it’s no fun choosing paint without the loving memory of the day, when we all discussed my new kitchen walls… as Best Friends Forever.

Next will be questions from Dawny, regarding the life and career options available to me (should there be more than the one – To incarcerate me in a smaller pink bubble, lined with super studs, a steady flow of fresh shite, and very sharp pins, crossing inside like a game of Human Kerplunk

Once I have ascertained where you all ‘sit’ on the compass points (for incorporating ‘you all’ into the Feng Shui of my home), and if you could find it in your heart to explain the ideolgies underpinning marshmallows and yellow taxis, geographical boundaries

(and not forgetting some assistance with the dulux colour charts…There’s so much to choose from, in the paint arena nowadays!)

Armed with your information, the penultimate issue will be a speech from Littlebeut333, with regards to moving past the new obstacles identified. Part of this speech is set in stone already, but I would be most grateful for your guidance on the issues above, because the 2nd part of the speech cannot exist without you wonderful people you!

Finally, any and all questions from the attendees of the meeting will be welcomed and answered, should you have any unresolved issues

So maybe I’ll see you again, and maybe I will not!


About Littlebeut333

'Random Spillages from a Reportedly Strange mind’… Hello all :) I’m Dawny, the littlest of the Beuts..and my brain spillage content varies from the profoundly philosophical, to utter bilge ://…Life is my inspiration. I write about friends, love, the soul, society, shrinks, people, labels, home, mothers, perfect moments, dirty politicians, music, pain, beauty, women, religion, god, mental health, the demise of humanity!!! etc…hence the ‘random’. All spilled through the eye of my ‘ever musing, slightly philosophical mind’. Although I write mostly for enjoyment, and to empty my oh so busy head; sharing my snippets appeals to me, and I also love reading the thought trails of others. I would be most chuffed if anyone comes across my page and has a browse (and if you do, thanks in advance). I guess the biggest compliment would be if, for you, my rambles are either :- slightly different from the norm, enjoyable, amusing, unenjoyable, and/or thought/emotion provoking. Whatever them thoughts or emotions might be…The good, the bad, the ugly..and everything in between!! ;)… I accidently fell in love with writing a while ago, and from that time, my inspiration has come solely from lifes varied encounters, feelings, knowledge, memories and thoughts. Welcome to my archives, to some sections of my mind :0 Dawny

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