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Short Number 22 – Grossly Extended – 9 Lives


Photographic illustration of a near-death-expe...

What if fiction was fact?

If so, in my living room right now, there is quite a lot going on.

I am dead but I don’t know it cos I’m one of them irritating ‘doo gooders’ every damn time I’m reborn, so I can never just ‘do one’, even when I’m popped off, I hang around like a bad smell

My great grand children are the actual residents of the house on paper; I think its 2030 ish, on the Greenwich mean-time counter (mean DOES NOT mean anything but mean in this realm (7) Read the rest of this entry

We are all Weirdo’s really! ;)


Members of the 'Anonymous' group travel on the...

When we travel on the tube, every single member of society stares at either the floor or the maps, there are short periods where they whip their heads from floor to ceiling, making sure another human pupil is not met by their pupil. (This doesn’t include the odd weirdo who is dribbling and staring at all the ladies jugs)

When we travel in our cars, we don’t just make eye contact with other drivers, we actually get our heads right out of the car to scream at them, eyes popping out of our heads

When we travel on boats, we wave and smile and often scream or shout hello with heightened happy tones, we bib on our boat horns at each other and send greetings like we’ve been friends for 20 years Read the rest of this entry