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Motivation and Temptation = A pair to be reckoned with!


bookselling-coverI’ve had an ‘on-off’ relationship with writing for parts of my life, but I never ever ever thought I would fall in love with it, to the extent that I have. I know a good 70% of what I write is utter shite, and that was always half the appeal of blogging, the ‘no-ties or rules’ element, allows us to make our pages – whatever we want them to be

But as true to the page as we try to stay, we see readers on our stats and this leads to thinking about readers of books in book shops…

All shiny and PR’d to buggery (Temptation)

And before you know it, we’ve all gone from dreaming about learning to make a widget with an actual real picture link

to daring to think about writing a whole bleeding book

But I never let myself think big like that, mostly because I never have (it’s dangerous to dream and fail), so I just didn’t go there. Plus, it’s so much harder if you’re a struggling ‘arty farty’ type – because there is no good or bad, or right and wrong in this world. Read the rest of this entry

Ohhhh My Gaaaaawd! 68 times over! :////


I wonder how many other people in the world have had a day like I have had today?



Homesickness? Yes! Of the Worst Kind!

1%Me Percent?

Just me?!?!

Before this news I often asked myself

Who are you Dawny?

I don’t know today, I’ve not really known much, ever, except how to have too much fun, and never listen properly!

Now I know everything and STILL nothing

How miraculously shocking is that! ? As a truth? And truth it is!

Today was exactly the same as so many other days I’ve had

33 whole years of days like these… Read the rest of this entry