Motivation and Temptation = A pair to be reckoned with!


bookselling-coverI’ve had an ‘on-off’ relationship with writing for parts of my life, but I never ever ever thought I would fall in love with it, to the extent that I have. I know a good 70% of what I write is utter shite, and that was always half the appeal of blogging, the ‘no-ties or rules’ element, allows us to make our pages – whatever we want them to be

But as true to the page as we try to stay, we see readers on our stats and this leads to thinking about readers of books in book shops…

All shiny and PR’d to buggery (Temptation)

And before you know it, we’ve all gone from dreaming about learning to make a widget with an actual real picture link

to daring to think about writing a whole bleeding book

But I never let myself think big like that, mostly because I never have (it’s dangerous to dream and fail), so I just didn’t go there. Plus, it’s so much harder if you’re a struggling ‘arty farty’ type – because there is no good or bad, or right and wrong in this world. Sometimes the most talented writers and singers and painters are left a secret to the masses, they choose to share their talent with a small section of the world, and just appreciate the ‘amazing escape’ which their gift provides

Until someone they believe in comes along and says

‘You could write a book’ (Motivation butt tickle (from a swine of the highest order))

All of a sudden ‘it’ becomes a distant dream, instead of complete a non starter (dangerous territory again)

And then you find yourself dreaming of getting your book finished and edited… and you visualise the catchy little cover, gleaming at you through the window of Ottakars, all shiny and published and ‘proper’

(There is a middle ground, thanks to some website that I can’t remember the name of (shocker), you can actually make your own bleeding book for 30 tidily little squitters! 30 Bucks for A WHOLE BOOK. I was amazed!!!!)

I didn’t really know what I’d write a book about to start with, but with them words of someone oddly immense ringing in my ears, the motivation and the temptation to believe in myself, came knocking on my door and I got to thinking on a story line…

Well!!! Now I’m even more frustrated ‘cos it looks like I’ll be writing 2 books minimum!

The first is about 6 ex graduates who come together by accident at the local university reunion (all 6 are slightly mental, some diagnosed and others in denial) and the book is about their unique and highly modern relationship, that develops from one fateful night. Most of the book is based on the internet and all its brothers from the land of technology! For instance, Collette attempts to take her own life, and the crew all link up on one of them spangly conference calls to support her.

A kind of look into mental health and modern technology, rolled up with some of my trade mark (crease my own self up, humour) 🙂

Then, just to add insult to injury, I have a prolific ghost ‘tea-leaf’ (thief) in my gaff, and the bugger stole my very first page! (HOW RUDE)

So I lost my mojo…

But now, thanks to a drop of moist apples and corruption (C) (ratio = 1 drop of C for every half drop of S (Stoooooopid), and an insane and truly overactive mind – I have this fictitious, shockingly clear yet muddy mystery story to tell, and it’s bloody mind blowing!

Mind blowing!

But I think that may be my opinion only, and/or i’m un-endingly SLOW as a human.

And HERE is where you have to be proud of yourself for your own successes

I realised that if no bastard bought my book ever, I would be mildly insulted and disappointed, but most of all I’d be sooooo proud of myself, simply for achieving such a giant goal. People take years to write a book and I will probably take decades, but write the book, sorry books… I bleeding will

Number 1 and Number 2 (Unless I die in the meantime)

Creativity is a gift that should never be squandered, neither should it be all about your audience. It should be at least half about being thankful and proud that you were born with a gift, a gift that may be useless to the rest of the world. But for YOU it is a gift that carries you, soothes you, relieves you, tickles you, expresses you, talks to your wildly insane side…and also builds a giant volt of treasured memories

And no-body can take them away from you


No-body, no matter how big

Glasses up to everyone who-ever created anything, whether the world says you’re crappy or not!

Shite and pooey art inspires us to find un-crappy art, so not one creative and also questionable entry, that bobs about in the ocean of creative sharks and their manuscripts, shall be considered a failure by moi (Old ‘Missus Perky Pants’ of the 4-5pm slot of today)




And BREATHE again!

Mwah xxx

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