Message to Parliament and Old Cammy Boy!


If you decide you want to run away with all the money, and screw over an entire population of people, then I won’t point out this sentence, ‘cos you are obviously blind!

(Invisible sentence – You are only loaded and powerful because you’re a corrupt and out of touch elitist)

When did you last live on £70 a week for years, your blue tie was probably 2 grand alone

It should be an honour to be the Prime Minister, not a big old ego w**k ;0

Back – If you DO NOT share, you are going to have a giant bill for the damage caused by anarchy and insane violence that requires army intervention and wasted blood-shed. Should you be making decisions about our collective demise? Me thinks NOT

Please stop ebbing a moron and just share…before things get expensive and messy. Corruption and Capitalism are your vision. They are not a voice of the country; they are the voices of people who live with your austerity, whilst we feed your expensive dinners!

Also, please could we have the figures on the national and international debt list, for the last ten years?

Why should people not see the ‘balance’ of the pot they all make?

PUBLISH the Swine’s thank-you please?

And if you do not share the burden of debt (Cough Cough) with the companies, bankers and millionaires, then you are breaking the backs and final shreds of control in YOUR people, who are already demoralised and tired, because you think your better than everyone, just ‘cos you have power…

Your being so arrogant about your bully boy tactics, and until we SEE the PUBLIC pot balance, and the written off debt for Africa that was agreed at the G8 some time ago. Then you might find some spirit in the KEEPERS OF YOU, THE PUBLIC

Corruption and elitist out of touch politics, just won’t be tolerated much longer, the un-rest and lies, are what is causing the stirrings of thousand of rebels. You have bullied your society for many years, and you are all milking the cash cow, with your sappy changeable fake sense of ethics

Turn it on its head, or wait til’ thousands of people are looting and destroying half of what we’ve built, not you, WE

Or, get on your big old high horse again and destroy some more of us ay? After all, we’re just labour machines for you. Don’t preach community when you don’t believe in owt but cash. The small community with access to relevant state interventions and freedom will thrive if the people are given the chance to create their own communities; given the respect and motivation and the trust to make the place they live in, a visionary shared home with inspiring people and beautiful streets, chosen by the peeps. Normal people can do shabby chic on the cheap too, so you can have some more of your precious pennies…

FIGURES pretty please! Public state, so they’re public information, are they not?

Who has the dirtiest money in this puzzle! Clean up and share the fooking resources by rewarding the working bees, with what they deserve…

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