Maybe the Middle? Who Knows???


If you suppose for one minute that we create the reality we live in, through the choices we make and the consequences that flow from them. If we suppose that for every reaction there is a re-action, then this would be a truth.

If I have borderline personality disorder, and if I placed myself in to the firing line of this disorder, the 9 symptoms that define it are born from its sole guiding thought. That thought being the black and white in life. The black and white represents the extremes of everything, and the nothing in between

Like Bi polar, the greatest and the ugliest of everything, lives in the greatest joy and the deepest pain, and the nothing in between

No grey

Being selfless is all about the self, even though it masquerades as being about everyone else, by definition it is about ME (self), me being a certain way and then measuring everything from this point

And being totally selfish is too all about the self, but in a more obvious way

If we create our own situations then it makes sense that we can un-create them, and in this case it is all about finding the grey

I don’t know if I have finally figured out the cure to this insidious disease, but I think the grey comes when the good me and the bad me, the neurotic me and the psychotic me, becomes smaller and bigger, infinitely smaller and bigger by realising that I am just a tiny part of it ALL, all is everything; but the pieces that make ALL are tiny, yet enormous, in terms of their importance to the everything

No man is everything and no man is nothing, until; they realise they are infinitely tiny get great. And they only realise once they submerge themselves fully into the all, and they fully become humanly inconsistent – by sometimes being selfish and sometimes being selfless, and the rest of the time being nothing and everything.

Show me the money and the middle

“ To be empty too, is to be full”

“All or nothing, girl let it be, something’s gotta hold when you’re lying under me”

And we are sure lying under Him, literally and metaphorically, whoever we believe him to be

About Littlebeut333

'Random Spillages from a Reportedly Strange mind’… Hello all :) I’m Dawny, the littlest of the Beuts..and my brain spillage content varies from the profoundly philosophical, to utter bilge ://…Life is my inspiration. I write about friends, love, the soul, society, shrinks, people, labels, home, mothers, perfect moments, dirty politicians, music, pain, beauty, women, religion, god, mental health, the demise of humanity!!! etc…hence the ‘random’. All spilled through the eye of my ‘ever musing, slightly philosophical mind’. Although I write mostly for enjoyment, and to empty my oh so busy head; sharing my snippets appeals to me, and I also love reading the thought trails of others. I would be most chuffed if anyone comes across my page and has a browse (and if you do, thanks in advance). I guess the biggest compliment would be if, for you, my rambles are either :- slightly different from the norm, enjoyable, amusing, unenjoyable, and/or thought/emotion provoking. Whatever them thoughts or emotions might be…The good, the bad, the ugly..and everything in between!! ;)… I accidently fell in love with writing a while ago, and from that time, my inspiration has come solely from lifes varied encounters, feelings, knowledge, memories and thoughts. Welcome to my archives, to some sections of my mind :0 Dawny

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