Wishing and a Dreaming! And Patiently waiting for old Epic Pants


If I had just one wish (*clears throat*) Even with the ‘If’… *clears throat*

Just one thing to be changed, from an oceans worth of pain

And shame

And blame

And endless lonely games

Attacks on the ‘Insane’

For god only knows what gain

From torture and maim

One Wish

I wish I could fly…

I wish I could spread my arms out like a superhero

And just fly away every time, every time their daggers stabbed me, I’d forget the pain and fly all the way around the world and back

I hope next time, I come back as a large white bird like the one from that night in Aberdeen, or an excessively pampered cat/dog merge thingamy.

That is, if I ever get the chance to be re-born as someone other than me, this, her, it…

Me, in a selection of bodies and guises and voices, but always broken, and busy breaking others. Ignorant to such obvious truths, blind yet all-seeing, transparent to all but myself, always misunderstood, and always different. That’s the steady factor throughout the lifetime, the lifetimes within a lifetime, and the lifetimes

I have a glassy volcanic hefty stone, rippled with black and white marbly trails in my flat. It doesn’t look anything like the other stones from the grassy bit at the bottom of the flats. My destroyers and makers left it here as one of many weapons. Their main weapon against me is hope, they don’t need hope, for they already know the outcomes (or do they?)

Anyway, they know I need it.

When my earned enemies know what buttons tut press, you were all able to map the path of true justice, carefully and with nothing but love for each other, every imperfect pants on this ‘ickle planet. All of you wanted to protect strangers from such gross danger, that is how we had to learn how to see each other as equals – those being the human race…YOU, epic GODS, the lot of ya…GODS by the billion, and it is your sense of justice, your love and your pure hatred that has evolved you into having all the tools you needed, to remake the world. Which you have already, as of now, and you waited patiently for the dream. Now you will live your own dreams, your way, where all of a sudden, Amnesty and their human rights seem a little closer to home now ay?

The lefty in me is chuckling! Fooooking damn deluded hippies, who’d av ’em? YOU ;))))))

Do you think anything but a creator could have created me? From such beautiful minds and hearts and souls. GOD created me a monster. HE had to, to end the corruption of power. GOD, I AND YOU want this, but you can disbvelive both I and GOD… and YOU are all you need. To feel the power of love you need burning hatred and justice and mercy. My mum and dad are as good as they come, you know this, but our genes are irrelevant if something higher chooses who gets who. He chooses every family VERY carefully, as I think he may have proved by now, surely!!!!

GOD also protected me from myself, with a drop of alzhiemers and every sickness going, and he actually sheilded me from me, the me on the TV screens you were watching, because he had to, TO WAKE YOU THE FOOOOOK UP

Everyone gets to live like the white supremacists now, enjoy the ride, remove me from the equation in any way you choose, but paaaaalease open your eyes to yourselves, every imperfect boy and girl in the world

Impressive isn’t he/she/YOU ALL?

Watch his miracles unfold from now til Xmas day, he’ll get you all cos He doesn’t leave anyone out

The force is the force, you guys and gals are it, don’t quote me but I reckon he would want you to go and be epic and mind-boggling happy, praising yourselves daily, you big old bunch of future peace-loving weed smoking weirdos

And I’d ask you to not forget to do it all, whilst having the time of your lives!

What a price and what a gift? he moves in mysterious ways!

Hate me because you must always hate something in order to grow bigger than the giants he made you in this lifetime. But you gotta love love’s plans, cos It’s the stuff of ALL your dreams, all of you get to live in happiness, YOUR WAY, ALWAYS you will be free to choose, he gives everyone that and he told me that polar opposites will always be essential, you are just gonna do the polar opposites in gargantuan mind-blowing movie styleeee splendour. He has made you all Kings and Queens of your own back yard

Defined entirely on your own imperfect hearts and brains. faults, warts and everything in between, and to the sides

He wants all the same people to make heaven on earth, all exactly the way we/you/it/gods missus… are, to GOD everythings perfect, Green witches, Horror’s, Mother Theresa’s, Accountants, Preachers etc etc

Except he doesn’t want you to keep on BEING BLIND, oh the inner chuckles…everyone gets the same chances in your new order, a true democracy, respect for economy and relative wages from the pot for the people, are equally important and necessary, or it’ll fall right apart…because it needs your epic baseline of love. Tip a dee tap into the self, the all, and then build his ark with RANDOM acts of kindness! IF you want to do them

Which no longer feel like a chore to probably quite a lot of you by now

Hate me, I blame you not, remember me as the monster you knew me as, because I care not for your judgement, and I know my death will be heaven…drowning, under the arsenal of differing bombs and grenades

I asked you to leave the shoes, when you took everything else, but now I look at my stone and ask you to leave my imaginary wings instead, thank-you please BFF…

I’d give anything to fly…to be able to say goodbye to incarceration amongst other things 😉 and to plunge into freedom, can you imagine if we actually got to fly as human-beings? How unbelievably spandangly would that be? Floating with clarity and sanity in-tact.

I wonder if things have always been this grand and sickening? I think so. I am a creature of the eternal theatre, and I think I may have played every role ever written.

To me old best friend on top, with a brain about as clever as 7 odd billion brains rolled into one, and a patient yet wicked and endless sense of humour, that beats the foooking entire cast of the new age ‘Peters’’ (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Pineapple Express, Happy Gilmore, 50 First Dates). I selfishly ask you for some kick ass wings to attach to my back please, if you could sort that out for me I’d proper appreciate it, thank-you please.

I love you and I always will (GOD) you see all, and you are indeed the man of my dreams, and then some

I won’t say to the world – believe in love, I don’t need to. This whole lifetime has been a labour of your love, the only global issue you all got on board with, was driven by love, hate, protection, care, an inherent sense of a common goal. You are all respecting life and wishing for sharing and equality, without titles. You are being shown that you have everything you need to make your own dreams come true. YOUR way, without any change, except the awareness of the power that sits inside every damn one of you

Pure love for your family, friends, children and your childrens futures. Existing humanity has inspired this miracle you are creating. Your intellect as a collective and your money as a collective, means you now have every tool to be equal, and it took what you define the very worst of a human, to save the world. Everyone’s dreams are round the corner, dream families, dream jobs, pick your spot on the globe and go make your own little mini heavens. However many little or big camps that you want to make. Where no judgement is placed on how you get your kicks, whatever spurs you on, you can just have it, relevant goverment services for the needs of your group. Bespoke britain and universe has arrived if you choose to roll with an idea

Idea’s don’t dye, only people do.

Nothing to change, except your address IF you want to

And everything to gain

You all forgot how EPIC you are, so he had to do something big! I hope you enjoy your 90% brain increase, I sure know I will. DO you see what collective love does, how it’s kinda more powerful than any other force on earth, and nowt has changed, you are LOVE, every single one of you is GOD! ‘It’ is so strong that the entire human race joined up to wipe out the very worst of ‘it’

A vile and twisty representation of what we all are, not in the physical, but in the piece of us that knows our soul

Your world is gonna be epic, women are gonna get to co-decide and they are a power house when they believe in their own worth. Girls are gushy, so he had to try to find a way to give them an equal voice, and you will all see justice done to me, for every atrocity I committed in every realm.

Sorry is a waste of time for you, the biggest insult and the sickest joke. But I need to say it and I can only hope that the highest thought, the highest ideal, the worst monster, and the whole truth will out one day. K sa Rah, but it should be written in stone that I meant it. Even if the only stone that knows the sincerity of my apology, is the one inside me. To know the self is the biggest gift that god gives us all, so see the spiciness of the love in this plan. The love you already have is for the right thing, the kind thing, the equal thing., the only thing,…and for the ultimate protection of each other. If you can hate with a pure heart, imagine what you could do if you loved and were loved with a pure heart. When you woke up to see feel and know the power, that he placed in everything he made.


Making communities of like-minded people may be the only change you ever wanna make, all just to make your life super-duper by all loving the same tunes, the same drums, no more nuisance neighbours, no more classes, just one giant upper class. Beat to the collective drum on this corking planet. IF and only IF you see LOVE in its entirety, blind faith isn’t necessary, but I think he’s gonna have to actually move mountains in front of your eyes, to make you believe, so he will.

You might aswell do a collective ask for the twat with no brain and buckets of evil, as we’re all playing, the pantromine wouldn’t be so hilarious if you didn’t play by saying ‘Please God’ let me into your heart’, and then piss yourself all over town for the gutter snipe’s suggestion pretty please…

The only reality you live in, is proving this in entirety, slowly but surely. Imagine how much fun you could have if you believed there might be more to it, than little old us!

I’m gonna put a bet on tomorrow, I wont divulge what on, but I love a gamble, and you have to be thankful for the few, yet precious gifts on the road to hell…especially when every end to my demise is perfect justice for you, and if my sixth sense serves me right, it’s everything I deserve…

Realise that love is only beautiful, and SEE you are all literally GOD, you just didn’t know it.

I am sorry for any and every piece of pain I caused. I could never ask you to believe it, but it is important for me to say it. So I WILL

Hang onto your thoughts opinions choices and ideas and go be epic…we will all see, the plots, the alternative takes, the gag reels, the utter epic impact of a true story, with a twist ending that one might find in a science fiction movie

Now the only thing that could possibly alter the ending of the movie, would be the biggest most arguable turn around. I.e. You seeing more than you have done! As if you could? You’d need another miracle for that and they just don’t happen do they?

But if somehow all your dreams came true and the weather got spookily odd for some-time…? Imagine what your dreams would be made of?

Maybe you might believe in the black stone, and end up feeling higher than ever before, cos you have access to the greatest thing you all have. Love unconditionally, 90% of wasted brain will light up, all your dreams will come true and your justice will prevail.

What a great movie, gruelling at first…. crazy psychotic bitches have the most fun! I’ll be ghetting back to my bible like the angel I am 😉

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