How Bloody Clever is Old Epic Pants Upstairs? VERY! ;)


Cover of "Wes Craven Presents They"

Once upon a time people weren’t so disillusioned with life, and they believed in the soul as a fluffy section of each human being

They couldn’t see it, but they believed in it anyway, and some said, the human journey of each soul kept repeating and repeating its journey on earth as a human being, until each lad and lassy reached their purpose, that being, to create the ideal of it’s souls dreams, it’s souls job…

Then the soul became the sole, and people started stomping on the hearts of others and popping their clogs in their own ways, through sickness and disease and war and battles for power…

These wars existed in home, street, and country alike

So some clever clever people realised that the heart was leading the soul on a perverted journey, and everyone was sad and in pain

And to resolve this, the humans made so many clever clever things from all the stuff on the earth that Mother Nature provided, and they removed the heart, but left its best essence inside robots, and replaced the soul they couldn’t see or believe in… with batteries

Hardcore duracells

And for a while everyone seemed to live happily ever after, with pretend love programmed into the battery operated geniuses

Oh and then old epic pants stared down and up and to the side…laughing his little tits off, cos the very first thing he made was them energy blobs called electrons and neutrons and ions and progens and all that old squit in the air that makes energy (like batteries). Those UNKILLABLE pieces of nature became the new age soul

And even science wasn’t clever enough to NOT NEED the energy blobs to make the perfect robots work. Electricity set the world alight

Oh how he still chuckled! (He = LOVE, and he chose to live in a rather scrumptious body, of a rather scrumptious black man)

Dawny was rather addicted to his spooning and HIS scrummy scrummy THIGHS!

Far lower down on the dimensions on plain old earth, there was still 1% of the population that just couldn’t believe in a soul, until they asked a certain black man/concept for some guidance, (GOD the old dog), they didn’t like asking for help, but every man and woman has its breaking point, and when they asked for help, he told them to search for their soul’s ultimate dream.

And he was very clever in making these little blobs back in the day…cos they are all made of the SAME THING, therefore, no matter what dimension man tried to succeed in, they could never escape their soul’s dreams. And sooner or later everyone realised that if their dreams came true, (no matter what those dreams were and where) then so would everyone elses, because they all had the same purpose, no matter what the cover of their dreams and minds looked like to them, and all the others

ALL ways, LOVE gets us all ways

Can you feel the force? Can you? Can you feel the force? 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

GOD is a Black Man living in tut north, and he uses the monsters to make you see what you wont feel! The CONCEPT is a god damn genius (said with all the warmth of the sun)

Greatest Hits "The Soul 2" sleeve

Soul in Love

Suck it up all beautiful bigots racists gentlemen and ladies, you wonderful and utterly necessary little buggers you

Keep war going if you want, cos he’s got all the time in the world and he leaves no man behind

GREEN is a state of MIND and I am the SAS leader of number 20! COMMANDO Dawny is back in town

Come get me and define me anyway you wanna, and he’ll still be chuckling his epic pants off

There is no high like the high of feeling the cumulative love of an entire UNIVERSE! Suck it and See! and then SUCK IT UP!

Oh it’s such a perfect day and I wanna spend it with you, Oh such a perfect day, you just keep me hanging on, you just keep me hanging on

Do keep on, cos I’ve landed right in the middle of heaven and so have you, where ever you stand and where ever that mind of yours stands too

MWAH Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

CCCCCCCCC = SEE, and do give the old greenies some extra love, jealous litttle mo-fo’s that they are!

With an ‘art as big as a rugby ball! Get your own fooooking glue 🙂

Happy Days

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