Not this time! The Impossible is about to become Possible……


I don’t know what the force of evil has been up to since the beginning of time; but I am BEGGING you ALL

Begging the world and his mate

Literally begging you to go against every sense you have, ONLY IF every sense you have knows me as bad.

IF you think and/or know I’m good, then go with your senses

Go with or against history

Go with or against the fors and againsts

GO with your feelings, they are ze language of the soul

I don’t know what you know me as, because in the worlds eyes, I have been what he has wanted me to be to your eyes, he is greedy and motivated and he will have already done everything he can, to portray me as hideous IN THIS LIFE.

For 33 years I have been me and I have been a bit shitty but mostly kind, loving and forgiving, so go with or against what you THINK you have seen and known, or haven’t seen and haven’t known, and go with or against all you KNOW or DON’T know as a reality

And you can kill my body if you want, but PLEASE bet on my TRUE dreams

Begging you to actually bet on my TRUE dreams, begging you to do the impossible and believe that we all share the same dreams, in our soul, and the soul is kind, the soul is unconditional love, the soul is a little piece of god, and the devil is eating it up by the second…

If killing me 50 times over is what you FEEL is right in your GUT, please do it over and over, but don’t let the devil get the best of you again. YOU decide this time

Put in a plan that prevents ME doing any harm, if you are deluded enough to think I ever could or would want to harm anything, and then make the bet anyway, ‘cos you will have nothing to lose right? If the plan involves blowing me up, torturing me etc, do it PLEASE, but bet on my dreams and take my ideas and make them reality, it’s all so simple and just around the corner

I personally dream that from this moment on, everyone will start and end this lifetime as equals, knowing there is nothing to be feared and everything to be gained…

My ideas are everything you need to make heaven a place on earth

BLIND, DEAF and DUMB faith is needed, if anyone has convinced you that I’m bad. Please don’t let evil win AGAIN PLEASE, I have suffered ENOUGH for his selfish cause!

He is using me to try to disprove LOVE

BELIEVE in love….

Your senses are the only thing halting the dream, the collective dreams that live in the best of you

Please jump on that teeny tiny shadow of doubt because of what you’ve EXPERIENCED of me (friends and family only, those who KNOW me, my friends and family PLEASE ALL place a bet on me. Have I ever done anything but love you and care for you? Oh and gob off about you all, with my irrational mouth of rage, once in a blue moon? That is all I’ve ever done! Love and care for you….YOU KNOW ME IN EXPERIENCE, you’ve sat in my lounge and laughed with me, I’ve been there for you all in your darkest times, and that is the shadow of a doubt that you all need to save the world from itself. I do not need or have any doubt about MYSELF; I know I’m made OF GOOD KIND SHITE, through and through

Evil is as strong a force as love, and he’s pulling all of your strings, whilst making you think you’re in control. IF its me against the world, that means he’s got you convinced in every way going, except through the sliver of doubt that makes no sense or all sense, I don’t know, cos I don’t know what picture he’s painted of me in this life?

Last man standing? Of a few good men?

Begging you all and praying to the lord – Let the shadow of doubt be felt by all

I is a GOOD GIRL and my soul wants freedom, riches and happiness for every human out there, please don’t let him portray me a monster this time.

33 years are all I know of me for sure and I know ME, THERE is NO DOUBT about the wonder of my dreams, or their roots, which are potted in solid gold love; KNOW I have no doubt, as the one piece of surety in this. Please please please please please

I have no doubt and I need your doubt, this is the only truth you need to know, the rest comes from your feelings, not anyone elses, except your own insides

PUT THE PLAN OF NO HARM in the way of any percieved license to kill, any power or perceived power I may or may not have, and then PLUNGE into THE SELF, and you will find me

I PROMISE with every piece of me, I PROMISE my soul wants the best for everyone

Go against or with – the odds, the knowledge, the senses, the tide, every fibre of your being, and put a penny on me, the bag of crap or the bag of heaven, if that’s what you think and know I am

If you already know who I am (I’m an imperfect person, and essentially a loving mushy good thing) you’ll be betting your entire life savings on my dreams, you already know, the stuff of your dreams is the stuff of mine

BEGGING like a dog….

I’ve been my own worst enemy every-time (I feel and think I may have been), but not this time, I’ll fight ’til my last breath to make you see that the force of evil is one soul away from killing the greatest thing we all KNOW OWN and FEEL…


Go back to the start and feel it in you, feel and remember how much you crave it, how high you used to feel about it… Or still do feel about it. Your first crush at school, when your soul felt crushed by it’s first bruise

When pure love is coupled with MONEY, it makes EVERYTHING perfect!

Believe in your own highest thought, your highest ideal and know yourself, JUST YOU and what you want for those people you choose in your life, your children, your pets, your friends and your family. It’s in there, it is. Love is in you whether you think it is or not, IT BLOODY IS! He plays a mean game, but I play the strong one


Just think about it, just address the sliver of doubt, ONLY if you think i’m bad, that’s all I can ask, that’s all I will ask for now..

I urge you to think about what i’ve written here, for one tiny minute before you hedge your bets


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