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Short Number 24 – Doh again! Big Boys in Power – And tut tut, you think GOD was ever gonna let you go?


It was Official

The world had gone mad, proper mad!

In their (perceived) infinite wisdom, they (the powerful) knew it was time to press the button on those dreaded nuclear reactors

Worst plan ever (unless you’re one of those in the know)

They pressed the mad button and much to their dis-may, not to mention the all consuming shock

The population of the world all shot out like a rocket (literally) with a big old fat smile on their faces, fully healthy and unharmed, buzzing from the best rollercoaster ride, that took place on a world-wide scale, every soul was rammo’d in the main room. Armed with and made of, the greatest weapon on earth – LOVE – None disputed it, they’d been locked inside the metal boys invention with the joy juice, for far too long to ever ever not know it Read the rest of this entry

Ten Line Tooty’s – Number 2 – Hippies Know! That’s why I popped mine right out of it’s socket with overuse!


I made up a little game some time ago to fill the gap between one drama and another, the rules are/were

1. Choose 10 sentences from your last 10 posts, in order, latest post comes first

2. Make a coherent story from them with as few fill lines as possible

3. Highlight the sentences in a lovely colour (I recommend red but you go ahead and pick your colour, free will is a marvel)

No-one wanted to play with me last time, so again, I ask really politely – Fucking join in thank-you palllleeeease you wonderful little mo-fo’s 😉

A spooky week indeed – The Title – Call me Barry Manilow

Fear or Love? was the question. I choose to love wonder in the guise, the midst, and the disguise of shite, for all the aquariums of ze whole world

I would say, in my infinite wisdom, catch up with this attitude paaaalease, if you haven’t yet I say with my limited patience Read the rest of this entry

I am a Plecostamous for a reason! They ROCK :)


It can be as simple and safe as can be (life), or it can be as complicated and painful as can be

Fear or Love, I choose to love wonder in the guise and disguise of shite, for all the aquariums of ze whole world

It really makes no difference what lane you pick, cos paths are paths, and as there are 9 so far (and the 10th is invisible, but known tut my/our super-conscious)

I’m going for pretty path 1, cos the only thing that stops me staying on it is the crazy/sane/weak and strong piece of me

Seeing as I’m hard as nails, whether my weak bit is awake or asleep, it’s a bit of a no brainer (god bless the words within the words within the words) Read the rest of this entry