Ten Line Tooty’s – Number 2 – Hippies Know! That’s why I popped mine right out of it’s socket with overuse!


I made up a little game some time ago to fill the gap between one drama and another, the rules are/were

1. Choose 10 sentences from your last 10 posts, in order, latest post comes first

2. Make a coherent story from them with as few fill lines as possible

3. Highlight the sentences in a lovely colour (I recommend red but you go ahead and pick your colour, free will is a marvel)

No-one wanted to play with me last time, so again, I ask really politely – Fucking join in thank-you palllleeeease you wonderful little mo-fo’s 😉

A spooky week indeed – The Title – Call me Barry Manilow

Fear or Love? was the question. I choose to love wonder in the guise, the midst, and the disguise of shite, for all the aquariums of ze whole world

I would say, in my infinite wisdom, catch up with this attitude paaaalease, if you haven’t yet I say with my limited patience

For Fooooooks sake people! WHY?

I was where you were a short while ago, so I sympathise at the slow-ness of your journey to know all you need to. And that is to – GO with your feelings, they are ze language of the soul

As my life flashed before me, I had a mental dream about my current reality. Monday to Sunday, I was injected with scripts, unknowingly acting out every moment, every scene, with nothing but my soul to give me awareness of myself, it all got a bit messy and very ugly when and then….

When the Then (past tense as well as I could put it)

– The soul became the sole, and people started stomping on the hearts of others and popping their clogs in their own ways, through sickness and disease and war and battles for power…

At the end of the dream, I came back to reality and I had one wish for the next life, I would be an animal (again)

More specifically I wished and hoped I…

I hoped next time, I’d come back as a large white bird like the one from that night in Aberdeen, or an excessively pampered cat/dog merge thingamy.

I woke up on Sunday morning, all bonny and bright and gay as a gay thing! and I seemed to have gained some more wisdom about my roots (my solid gold and silver roots, underpinned by solid gold shite) – I thought…

If I have borderline personality disorder, and if I placed myself in to the firing line of this disorder, the 9 symptoms that define it are born from its sole guiding thought. That thought being the black and white in life. The black and white represents the extremes of everything, and the nothing in between (nothing = invisible everything)

(Check out my amazing baps when invisible, baps rocks, I could invisibly stay here forever if it was my soul purpose to appreciate jugs, but it wasn’t, shit happens!)

The nothing in between used to be the visible me and the invisible me, and I said to myself, where has that got you so far Dawny you Peeeeenus? The invisible me answered with an invisible sentence

(Invisible sentence – You are only loaded and powerful because you’re a corrupt and out of touch elitist)

The fact that I am not loaded or powerful, did little to un-do the sense in the non-sense… of the sentence

When I realised my insignificant invisible 4 quarters had titles L O V and E, I put them back together and I could hardly contain myself, because of this impeccable immense indescribable never before felt injection of joy (love flowed back) from the space men (Chortle chortle?) and I had to say to the lord


Once I had it all figured out, I wished I hasn’t talked so much shite along with the truthful shite, until I realised I was a plecostamous, and therefore destined to always be intrinsically in touch with my poo-poo and the poop of all the bloody fish (whilst my genius advise poured out in disguise – as shite)

(BTW – Gold makes Poo and Poo makes gold)

And I then said to the lord, with regard to my fowl mouth

Please excuse my earlier ‘French’

He said, no worries treacle, you speak A LOT of sense amongst your P’s and Q’s

And I said to everyone else

Blah blah blah is of French Decent, which is just a little trivia for you to take forward

Unless you’re a hoop jumping little pain in the ass! Love the Frenchies! Until then, love whatever you want and hate whatever you want, I don’t give a flying fooooook cos I is high on love – 100% real love – created from the debris on the glass! Now that is MAGIC! And it comes for us all in the end! (Yay all day)

And the world puked and winked as it did so

And I smiled from ear to eye to left arm!

Lefty at heart, always Xxx

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