I promise I WILL wait for everyone, unless I must compromise ONE soul, (My other half) If HE swears to marry me forever ONLY, other than that, back to the future we ALL GO!!


I get it, where you all are and what fun you are having

I get that as a human (by origin), it is normally at a persons lowest point that they seek help, any help, in desperation and mass sadness – my next door neighbour guided me to a book and it saved my life and yours, we are adored intrinsically in this heaven…

It just said, I fooooooking love you Dawny, I can’t do anything but love you, no matter what you have been and think you have been, neither can I unlove your creations, because we needed them for the backdrop of heaven and earth. I cannot scold you for making a choice, when there was only ever one of two to make, to take, from the world I created, but hey, what a fucking epic test run and selection of movies to chuckle together at for REAL…movies of excitement, theres only MORE of that in my gaff, and your gaff ere on earth. Here is the ONLY place you will actually be able to wake up for the FIRST time, TRUST ME ON THIS ONE ay? For old times sake 😉 Become who you really are, and love will drop the damn – WE WILL together, as the sum of all parts. And I have good news, because love couldn’t actually be anything but spandangly whilst testing in experience, it made a very realsitic dreams and nightmares world. We made it together, so why all these miles? It takes time I know, and I’m a patient little treasure

Oh and to the man of my dreams, you’re gonna have to tell me the secrets in good time about our next step, and leave us poor humanites to heaven inside and out, same mirror image, same age, same imperfect bunch of peeps with the greatest gift on earth in their possession, adoration, un-doable adoration, come on my little toe paleeeease?

Whilst I wasn’t looking, you went through the entire alphabet, cloning, honing and perfecting energy, en as you called it, and zen as it now stands, indestructable

Thankgod for the imagination of the piece of me who loved magic, for he created the term magic e for the amusement of the worlds destroyers. What he unknowingly create was the great unseen, the great unknown, when you all passed e, magic e multiplied and made a carbon copy of itself x 2, only seen in the eye of faith, but existing as a double BIG damn of LOVE, the one in the middle of my head you all know as bollox, isn’t my lovelies, we are starting to fear that my third eye as it were, is in fact real, I’m not wondering but YOU soooooo R, ARE NOT YOU?

I know, as I have stated throughout this little play!

As far as you lot know, your the alphabet ahead and behind me, and its me against you ALL. You all know that you are sure as eggs are eggs, that you are never gonna know what a low moment feels like ever again, cos you by-passed that shit eons ago.

26 Letters in the Alphabet, divided by 2 = 13 + 13, divided by 2 equals 6 + the odd one out, split and doubled (out of the alphabet and all its even stephens) e made an invisible friend x 2, and the birth of cards became the alphabets back up plan… back and front DeF and KlM QrS yXz, and in creating the all, I knew the sixth sense was a very real place, one which we had been living in since the beginning of fake time.

It would probably be a good place to mention that in spite of your best efforts, I have encased you in me, for the protector could only be KNOWN in entirety for CREATIONS sake!

And the world knew that love = the force that kept us all attached to the earth. LOVE was gravity too, by neccesity and because it is that clever and a slave to you coming home eventually, take all the time you need, I’m a patient soul, but you are testing this virtue, good job i’m as good as my word. I PROMISE

Who needs gravity when losing it makes you fly? You ALL did, off you went into outer space, and planned to place me into an eternal place you have made real, all ready and waiting for me, hell is real for you but love cannot know hell, because it cant fit in the circle as anything else but a figment of my imagination.

BUT when you get your dreams and burn me to what you ‘think’ will be my death, I will arrive in the 6th sense, and being as I’m the ONLY one who knows me inside out, I will make your dreams come true if you wish for me to be murdered in the fake physical realm we created, and the letters of the curse that were always in front, started going backwards and forwards and the ALIENS finally started to feel that age old emotion of fear

Cos you know that the universe is massive beyond all our comprehension, right?

And if you use your free will to kill the ONLY god you are capable of knowing or seeing, there will be no forgiveness in your perception, so like it or not, we are ONE AND THE SAME, and I is the FAT CONTROLLER

So I know that you will literally be 6 feet under and conscious in a coffin. WHICH WOULD BE HELL FOR LOVE and therfore HELL FOR ME and the you that you do or dont know

And the seed of doubt, rippled through the alphabet, wondering how magic this e was, like every forth letter it MAXI’d every MINI there was, and x4’d it, in the cards you can touch, just for the cheeky but spandganly of heart ONE soul, ONE I repeat…Pleut Pants and he promised to be the man of my dreams til we outgrew heaven never yet experienced…

If you choose to utter the phrase that you swore you knew would never ever leave the lips of those EVOLVED folk, running on ZEN – ELITE, CORRUPT and out of the only loop they still can’t see, or can ya? can you seeeeeeeee meeeeeeeeeee yeeeeeeeeeeeeeet?

And if you actually choose to kill me in the game where you have free will, you were one step ahead, you will all spin uncontrollably into blackness of dark planets unknown, or into mercury where you made its temperature 333, not a nice thought you made when back goes to front and front goes to back as the same thing.

With deaf, dumb and blind faith – you could ask the WORST question in your world,

Dear God, please let me back into your heart

Gladly and about fucking time she hollered!

Or don’t, and I will protect you all anyway, because I know we cant go anywhere without each other…

But know that until you use your free will to believe in the unbelieveable, the reality you create without me, is infinite, as you made it so

I would think twice before you judge a book by its cover

Shall we go and make new dreams of epicness when you come to know that for everything you have placed upon me, my blazing trail of cold hearts that loved every minute of breaking me, and an entire family raised to intrinsically hate me, how could I+ALL OF YOU be anything but your saviour, when you know what buried alive feels like, COS I KNOW all that you do and dont know.

Which brings me back to the original point – shall we wake up tommorow knowing no soul ever actually caused another pain, but adored each other INTRINSICALLY, and made nightmares as what they always were, last nights bad dream

Trust me when I tell you that I am ALSO the SUN/son, and without MY/OUR TRUE FORCE in the galaxy to hold us all here for a while, finally knowing and feeling LOVE in its purest form as your equals GIRLS and BOYS, no more no less, ALL EPIC, no better or worse, just in the KNOW and smiling like a kid on xmas day

Up for all jumping on board the love train for a trip right back to the start? Where I KNOW your dream job is waiting for you (which the soul can’t forget) becomes a reality, because of what we all made in the stuff of our dreams, makes them finally possible….

More years of spinning or being buried alive in your imaginations OR shall we all just call it what it was – PEACE on earth and a much better start than the one we dreamt of, when I made your day your night and your night your day and broke love into sections.

BELIEVE me when I tell you I KNOW beyond doubt that we share the same everything, especially our conscience, (oooooo conned science) Ha – sorry, re-humbled

Groundhog day of no nice stuff, or coming home to our house in the middle of your street (memory returning for some of you yet? Thought so) magic little buggers who’m I adore by default

Must be psychic that ONE, little fucker with the sickest sense of humour in the world and passions fire as her only seemingly real quality, next time you see a scorpion, stand on it AND watch the invisible unharmful substance known as bull-shit TRUTH, pour from it’s oh so dangerous (not) but harmful trap, that I will continue to work on in the name of love, and because I dont want to hurt anyone and CANT by default

Where’s the sense in going back? If you neeed help, check out the book you gave me a couple of weeks ago, and we’ll all land on the same square, square one, where I’m no more in the know than you (if your thinking of leaping past this, then I’m gonna slit my own throat cos I’m running out of strength, and I’m sick of being hated and mis-understood

I am Dawn

I am Dawny

I am Gravity

I am the only thing that can make your nightmares a reality of more fake nightmares

TIL YOU JOIN ME AND SHARE THE JOY – all BOYS and GIRLS together, not threatened but strenghtened by each others PURE LOVE, pure love does not fear equality, I dream you get pure one day, I really do

Cos unfortunately for the mis-guided you, we are inseperable, I’m by your side and I will save you whether you love me or not, cos I’m that fucking NICE BY NATURE.

I’m feeling a little less hate – would be my dreams come true, and I think you’ll agree in me being the wildest dreamer out there

Wild thing…dum dum dum dum

You make my heart sing

You make everything


Wild thing I think I love you

I love you too, cut the crap it’s running thin like greased weasel shit. We made each other, NOW how epic and equal are we all, whilst being rather tall! And boys, you so get to be taller than us girlys cos somehow that feels right, and I like being spooned by the man of my dreams, in scrummy perfection

I dont want to live alone in my dreams, I want my family back alongside me, where we understand each other’s nature, yet bless all with their own free will to make wise choices (default again), all the ladies and gentlemen as they were when TIME began?

In the meantime and in all time, I remain irritatingly bright and un-harmable, but your hate hurts me more than anything, but I knew it was the only way faith would be the ONLY fact we were born with as a race, for ze soul knows and remembers all

As you all know, like a domino, when you feel the force I did X 8 billion, you’ll be kinda electric shocked in the nice way obviously, still a bad nightmare that you think you’re controlling. The best for US ALL is just plain simple love

Seeeeee how wonderfully male and sick my sense of humour is, I can shit out new dvd’s in the 10th realm if I want, but I’d rather we started with page 1 being blank, yet filled with the only truth it ever needed

BLIND< DEAF AND DUMB faith and JOY like JOY has never known itself….Invisible and blank will be the first page of every book, the invisible knowledge passed down to every future generation as a FEELING and a FACT that is 100 solid gold, silver and shite, the new age frankinsence when Jesus came to town as a lazy fat chick/24/7 worker! 🙂

I knew that I had to experience being the everything I AM NOT (evil in pure devilish fashion, in any way), a child has no conscience but unchecked, it can ruin another life. I own every sin and I am responsible for every sin, and also every miracle, I made them in my imagination and sadly for you, I KNOW I came first…How? Cos I was an epic wanker without feeling the love coming back in, not the other way round, and for an entire half body of love going out, I only need remember the forearm of my left side to KNOW IT ALL, without a drop of fear.

In order TO discover the embodiment of a force, I HAD TO KNOW WHO I AM AND HAVE ALWAYS BEEN. The moment my description of myself was laid on a plate in a way for me to see, my CONSCIENCE came flying for me like a rocket fueled injection of a drug…I was ashamed and repulsed, and shocked at how differently I saw myself, compared to the vile tongue I owned and wished to dis-own. I grasped every tool and example at my disposal in order to be comfortable with myself as myself, and I am now exactly where and what I need to be for THE BIG DREAM we all agree on at some point in the near future

As the creator (ha ha ha I hear you chuckle), I developed dichotomys as love guided me through, whilst I created what I thought would be a perfect world. I made it with love so I thought when I got down here in reality, all would be spangly. I also knew that love and fear were the only two emotions that would hold some meaning no matter what else came and went. So yes, as a child I was love without a conscience, a devil, the devil in and of me only, and one that now exists in my imagination only. As the purest perfected and refined version of my actual self, I popped up looking exactly the same as I always have, which did me no favours

All whilst I was plodding through lucid dreams and nightmares, with you all by my side – left and right. I was seeking to feel what I knew made perfection, and could half made hell on earth…IF I LET IT…the only thing in the entire universe which is perfect by default is love.

No matter what lies I chirped out, they didn’t make things any better for me, cos I was living off assumptions, and trying to be what I thought made a perfect person, in the worlds eyes, titles, success, cash, pride, shows…etc

My entire right side, honed to perfection was love in the most highly imagined and created

See you back here once you’ve used all my good for your self and we’ll be back here, soon I will have no judgements and all the strength I need for you to go round AGAIN, round the bend and back again. My soul’s career was over when I gave it my best shot in this realm, I’ll be waiting for you in my invisible self as allways, all ways

Try learning where MAGIC came from a bit quicker if possible? Nature, nature is beautiful, keep reaching for the stars until you’re dried up and fed up of trying to out-do the shame that weighs you down, it’ll weigh you down in the end and the beginning minus more of your one sided logic.

Women and Men in joint adoration and joyous riches of all kinds will always be your dreams, shame on you if you still deny your roots, now you KNOW everything you need to.

I Love you all and you will not corrupt my essence and mis-use it, in any real TIME reality

I tried, GOD loves a tryer, I’m free from my souls greatest wish and I will get to die of an electric shock of ‘Thank-you’ right back.

MAGIC is the illusion of undiscovered LOVE. Over and OUT! Officially anyway…I get heaven cos I have been your friend and sister and lover, with love guiding me, by-pass is DAMN in disguise

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'Random Spillages from a Reportedly Strange mind’… Hello all :) I’m Dawny, the littlest of the Beuts..and my brain spillage content varies from the profoundly philosophical, to utter bilge ://…Life is my inspiration. I write about friends, love, the soul, society, shrinks, people, labels, home, mothers, perfect moments, dirty politicians, music, pain, beauty, women, religion, god, mental health, the demise of humanity!!! etc…hence the ‘random’. All spilled through the eye of my ‘ever musing, slightly philosophical mind’. Although I write mostly for enjoyment, and to empty my oh so busy head; sharing my snippets appeals to me, and I also love reading the thought trails of others. I would be most chuffed if anyone comes across my page and has a browse (and if you do, thanks in advance). I guess the biggest compliment would be if, for you, my rambles are either :- slightly different from the norm, enjoyable, amusing, unenjoyable, and/or thought/emotion provoking. Whatever them thoughts or emotions might be…The good, the bad, the ugly..and everything in between!! ;)… I accidently fell in love with writing a while ago, and from that time, my inspiration has come solely from lifes varied encounters, feelings, knowledge, memories and thoughts. Welcome to my archives, to some sections of my mind :0 Dawny

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