Daily Archives: June 16, 2012

The Girls Brigade does Ladette to Lady


Sorry? Come again?

I said Blazers from the House of Frazer!


Not on your Nelly? You control the TV, right? I’m too heavy to jump, being an elephant

However, since I became skeletor, I weigh very little, so I jump everywhere I go now, just because I can…Such feather weight qualities are a true gift in disguise, why saunter when you can hop?

Hopping has become a seriously under-rated sport, hence its secret nature… Read the rest of this entry

She lingers, like fish finger sandwiches and cold pizza…


You can take the boy out of the girl

But you can never take the girl out of the boy…

She lingers, a psycho, a bike ho, The mighty O! The Zero you know…

Old Gold and Silver Fingers….symbolism re-created by a ladies love of fish finger sandwiches, in honour of keeping the tradition alike and alive – Cat makes the best ones, you’ll have to ask her for the recipe, It’s not my secret to give, SORRY!

Stop it Dawny! OK

Everyone thought they had it all worked out Read the rest of this entry