WHO is REALLY controlling the National Grid? An original or ALL of you?

God Love Her

God Love Her

I know I said I’m happy to lend anyone anything, what is there to lose when you know you’re gonna get your money, clothes, shoes, flat, heart back at some point?


But I don’t believe I ever said it was OK to take Identity Theft so far, as to steal my face when it suits you. Of course in REAL life, when it begins, this just wouldn’t EVER happen, there simply isn’t a desire on the day the world awoke, having found the gift that has some freaky rules about taking your own sweet time, which I will tell you, grips my shit!

But imagine this, if lots of people knew full well that the God of Love was the only one with the actual truth, the biggest gift, the gift that changes everything and lies dormant because you’re capping the volcano. A God who created this whole thing, knowing all the endings to the secrets, the power, the force; Then imagine if amongst these people was 1 person who had accidentally skipped some steps in the evolution field, and therefore (KNEW)… woops I meant he thought he knew, that he would be the only odd one out. Dead inside for want of a better phrase…Suppose he was the only person on the planet to know who the original God of Love was, it wouldn’t be in his/your interest to allow it to be ignited inside each soul, He would live a life of God-like behaviour, steal my actual face, as his front when he did hideous things to fellow humans, and humble he would be, or invisible to the swat team from galaxy number 9…

As he tweeked the balance with his space age timing?

Hilariously so to some, and wonderful to the rest, a true saviour you might say? But a FAKE saviour he will always be until you believe in me enough to have a pop at finding something inside, something more beautiful than every story, every picture and every excitement

There is nothing to lose and everything to gain, electric shocks were his tool, while everyone knows them as ‘it’

If he had a force 8 billion times stronger than the real force, he’d have to be pretty samn clever… and let me tell you that he is

Wouldn’t he ensure that as my awful stinging mouth seemed to be more devil like, he would have to portray my behaviour as this too. When in fact, I am all mouth and no action, and if there were any justice, the beta max would hold the actual happenings, whilst I actually had my own face on, and not up for borrowing EVER. Me and my awful old self is me, no excuses, and no conscience…which I admit with blazing shame. If I had any sense I’d run but I’m staying to prove a point, and I’m not doing this twice now I know…

Would he almost get the best of me/the whole world, right before the circular force came to be KNOWN to me…

If he had a time machine and hopped between era’s, wouldn’t it be perfect for him to ensure I got the knowledge, far later than those with less bull headed behaviour…

Believe in the lie, or die forever trying!

When I made this world, he was watching and he was the damn that was at its highest, when it was too late for anyone to believe he and I needed swopping in the true story.

Then he would be making 8 billion of you a fool, not to mention performing cruel and vile acts (as judged by most people with a heart), using my face as the perfect alibi, and the behaviour I exhibited pre conscience, where it was me and my face and myself that was guilty. My last 7 years are the real me,

Imagine if I knew that I was the only one who was NOT a fool, and he had been fooling you all since the beginning of time?

If you turned the tables and imagined for one second that his tom foolery was spot on, then I’d ask the whole world to discard my face, and his invisible face, and look at who’s plans gives you most choice for fun and another cherry on the cake. Who has been there through all my family and friends woe? It is ME, that has ideas who serve ALL, for a fair shot and a great movie experiment for the next generation (with the circle in tact from birth), and to observe what 100 years of those doods would achieve!

It is an addition to your already exciting world, not a regression where things get boring.

It would be mind blowing, high on life juice, with all your perfect careers still in tact and your bank balance… this I GUARANTEE, my dream man and other half should be treated with the same caution as I should be, but the force that naturally lives in every heart is perfection on a plate!

Am I the only liar on earth? If you need to believe or know that to get there, then think that of me, cos the power is on its way round the world now…But your ‘know it all’, seen it with my own eyes outlook, is the one thing preventing you from buzzing more than you buzz right now

Once again, being despised for what you are not is unbelievably painful, until you master the art of indifference, however, what is a far bigger crime to humanity is denying yourself the truth about you. For it’s not til you dip fully into your own shame, that you’ll find you and a phat dose of love and forgiveness and adoration at the end of your private confession. BUt you need the strength of the gift to get there, until then borrow it from me, old iron will lady

If you know me as the biggest asshole known to man, do away with me and the force will land in another vessel for you all to corrupt and leave half completed, under the man who is nothing more than a concept

The real life version of catch me if you can. The pity-ful thing is, you are the only ones stopping yourself from igniting your heart and then having it made whole, because you cannot beleive in a force higher than yourself, how bout you believe in me as the lowest grossest being on earth, who happened to be the only one with the Joy Joice

Who was saved by the tiniest drop of Love circled. Me, just me? Or you too/two?

You saw my left arm for what it was, I felt it for what it was and it has transformed me into a brave, courageous, confessing all my shame to the world…human love machine.

And now I’m waiting for you all to plunge me into a cell for the rest of my days and I’m still HERE, why would I ever go through all that torment unless I felt heaven and the greatest joy I’ve ever felt, and then stuck around for your punishment, knowing I didn’t do any of it, why? if I wasn’t desperately trying to tell you that the completed circle of magic beyond comprehension, is out there for all of you, and seeing as it’s my job to preach what no-one has ever actually felt

I have and I have done my best, but when you re-choose your way, I’ll be gone and at peace, and one day your shame will suffocate you and you will find that ‘thing’ I was born awake with, is everything…

Good Luck

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