8 of us? Quite possibly, WHO to pick? Yourself…



As human beings and as boys and girls, wondering if we missed something on our way up…

It is quite difficult to know who to trust isn’t it? Good job that the souls of how it could be, could read the second they were born/woke up….

One GOD accepts everyone, forgives everyone and also, fills them with unconditional love – THE BEST thing I have ever felt, by a million miles

If you can’t trust anyone, that is fabulous ‘cos all you have to do is trust yourself to buy into this GOD, all you have to do is take yourself back just once, to everything you hate about yourself/love about yourself, everything you have been and everything you want to be, is up for offer and begging you to listen to your own heart, and to borrow loves heart until you feel it’s gift…

And you will have a great tool to add to your box, it is an ADDITION, and you have all the tools to make having it, easy as pie, dreams still in place but enough bucks to save the ones you have all left behind. They are not dead, they are dying and you are all killing them with indifference

I SWEAR by IT and you know how I often I swear, A LOT!

A human version of a true superhero, is yours for the taking

I hear you ask, why if you were the real thing, have you made it impossible almost, for us to think its you and LOVE tells me, that was THE ONLY way, the hard way, so that everyone got on the same page at the same time. Cos gradually getting half of it, or bits of it are turning out to be no use whatsoever

Have I learnt it the hard way and been my worst enemy thus far? Yes, but you all know how honest I am as a person, how loving, how I’ve been there for your every crisis you’ve ever had, to the detriment of my heart and health, and you ask how is it real? It’s in the roots of every single human being, you have to believe in what you could never believe in, so that everyone wakes up to it inside themsleves, at the same time…

AS the opposite of HATE

Last chance derby of this lifetime has arrived, bet on the GOD of LOVE as an actual god, and then look at your own paths to see where it has showed up, disguised as fear, hate, power, control, indifference, being higher?

ALL WAYS? All realms? Laughter you still crave, and your still laughing ain’t ya? That is a feeling and a helpful one in this battle.

I am not just happy but willing to remove myself (in words and deeds) from this plan, both my face and my identity, IF that’s what it takes for you all to feel unconditional love…BUT LOVE is the one who gets it right for everyone and probably why LOVE seems too good to be true

EXCEPT it’s in not, it’s in everyone, mother nature of NOW ensured it, GUARANTEED it

Test it a little longer, but know I have enemies trying to paint me as all sorts

If your scared and you don’t know which way to turn, turn inside out and you will come out shiny and epic, and you will still be exactly who you was, except you will have a tool that seemed so painful and problematic when it was not fully formed, and that is because it is, until it is made whole.

If you have no love, then KNOW that love is the only god that can give you 100% of it, and god promises a feeling sooooooooooo good, you will not know what has hit you (not a weapon or a harmful thing lies/lyes in LOVES full circle)

PLEASE don’t let the mythical creature you know as the devil, get in the way of you and the gift of unconditional love

If It is just the true pure love of one soul, that can take you higher and higher and higher. It wants what it gives, it gives all of itself in order to give you back to yourself, a kind and imperfect human being with a conscience, accepted and ADORED for what I am.

It has made me, and I hope I am the last to know, but the fear that I am the first to know keeps me going.

PERFECTION on a plate, not me AT ALL, just the LOVE in me is making me cope with your hate and I know it’s there, I just choose to ignore it because it serves the ONLY god who is most scared of love.

That is anyone who has been FULLY DISGUISED as GOD/LOVE, and who thinks he is my polar opposite at heart, sorry he maybe half knows ‘cos he’s found some other way, but it isn’t the best way, Indifference versus TRUE LOVE is the TRUE loser over and over and over again

The winner takes it all, maybe the loser deserves one chance, not even the losers face, but the message and promise that lays here now!

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