The Funny Revolution where no-one gets hurt! Just the stuff of dreams


Week 1- The England version




They all went to the local supermarket and bought EVERYTHING they would need to get them through the following 2 weeks, so they didn’t have to spend a penny anywhere at all for 2 weeks minimum, after the cheese, petrol, milk, bread, jam and Fosters were sorted, they followed step 2

Step 2 – They visited every charity shop in town, selecting the most vile items of clothing EVER, ensuring that the sum total of their items for their entire outfit could not look any worse if they tried when put together,
Tis funny dressing like a twat and you will derive great joy just looking at the hideous bits of clothing we actually liked once upon a time


Step 3, they went onto YouTube and learnt the most epically hilarious dance routine or 3, it was all very chuckle some and empowering and at worst, a rather great build up to a good weeks holiday from work

Step 4- at the speed of light they sent the message (the secret one that detailed the end results of the game), freedom, equality and a baseline amount of money that eradicates poverty and the worries that come with it, they sent it to every street in their community (the whole nation)

Step 4 – They all went on you tube and put their thumbs up to the famous video that said

Step 5 – they used every form of transport available, shared all their cars with their neighbours and booked trains bikes mopeds and coaches, and finally made it to the place where their leaders lived (England – Houses of Parliament)

Step 6 – They were all pissed as coots by the time they arrived, singing, oh you’ll never get to heaven inn a baked bean tin, coos a bake bean tin, got bake beans in, repeated with my mum’s bra
Ooooo it was such FUN!

Step 7 – They arrived at the houses of parliament in their epically hideous outfits and the politicians, through temporary insanity, had pushed their faces onto the windows for some reason, and they froze in the face likeness of pop for day 1. I don’t know why this soothed them but the public loved it (They were probably high on Crack lol)

Step 8 – The crew began with their 1st corking routine, the bollywood flash mob to Jai Ho was performed, then they had a little sit down to swig a bit more booze, had a quick line of Columbian coke, the biddies got their magic tea out of the flask and Florence nightingale sorted all the one’s out who kept fainting and wetting themselves with joy and excitement

Then they sung I know a song that’ll get on your nerves get on your nerves get you on your knees
I know a song that’ll get on your nerves get get on your knees

In spite of the best efforts of the elite to be frightened they realised they were gagging to get in on the fun, but the crowd said, no, you must be multiple pobs at the window screens for a little longer, so out went the mouth and out stretched the ears

Step 9 – Flash mob 2 was epic, and performed by all the prisoners who had been released for 21 weeks on good behaviour, they all performed an African tribal rain dance in lime green mankinis and feather boas (OK, slightly pushing it with the feathers but mankini’s they did donn!

(Commerce had never had such a profitable week, millions of people buying all the lovely clothes and food and boozew etc)

Then back to another 2 hours of the nerves knees song (Thanks Heather ;0)

Then another break to swallow a bit more wondrous booze, drugs and tea (whilst knowing this indulgence was not to be repeated for life) moderation stations people, if you choose

Step 10 – The third flash mob was performed by the prisoners, they did their own version of the ‘Jai Ho’ beauty from Slumdog Millionaire station

And then went back to getting wrecked for a couple of hours and singing the nerves knees song

At 5pm they all started making their way to their plush hotel, who offered amazing rates, just for the 2 weeks in question

It was at 6pm that they all nearly passed out. They were still busy laughing their tits off in Camden town square when an army came marching towards them. In full Uniform and carrying massive water guns (disguised as oooozy 9mm’s), and people thought oh shit, the powers that be are gonna shoot us all – NICE one Dawny, what a shite plan!!

They counted down, 321 and then saturated the entire crowd with their epic water guns, and just when they thought it couldn’t get any funnier, a HGV lorry arrived from Scotland and emptied buckets of water guns out, and shed loads of bottled water, enough for everyone

Step 11 – All the woman proudly undressed down to beautiful bikinis and utilised the rainy day and its mud patches, they all wrestled each other and squealed and all the boys shouted, oh ladies, this bit is fooking marvellous

Step 11 – Dawny had been taught well how important a roll of electrical tape was, and its smaller sister, the roll of selotape and as a thank-you and a sorry, all the uniformed lot got a strip of sellotape over each mouth and re-made the biggest POB face mob for the remainder of the evening

They slept

In the morning the giant crew went back to parliament to start again but it was empty, this was not what was expected and then they heard a storming force coming to them from behind

What they didn’t know, was the elite always have a plan B, the lords, the back benchers, the judges and the docs all donned Mankini’s too and bashed out a perfect copy of Madonna’s VOGUE video in perfect style!

They all surrender to the tide of collective chuckles and realised there was no going back to the old ways, and all this time, GOD had been ensuring that the feeling of the love circle was being completed, in as many souls as possible, ignorance was about to hit the bloody lot of them just as Vogue ended

They all cried like babies and made a solemn vow to agree to the plan

They had read of the plan in pieces before, but GOD knew that it wasn’t time to show them all the grand plan until they had all felt they joy juice and impeccable perfect life and mind blowing happiness. Once it filled them right up, the entire lot realised that they were all god and had been the whole time

(god wasn’t into rocket science) just his greatest and only grenade…Unconditional love

So, what happened was the supermarkets had the greatest profits ever in the 2 weeks before, and as the 2 week revolution lasted 2 days, the share prices went through the roof and commerce stopped sighing and started crying buckaroonie tears too

Day 3 – Everyone got leathered whilst they watched the entire hilarious scene back in 1080 HD, on giant screens all over the country

Day 4 – The read the last piece of the plan, which was written in Arabic, well they didn’t read it, but the Arabs had done their version weeks before, and though they had very different plans for their pot, they were happy to translate what to do next for another nation

Everyone was all getting high on the SHARE theme and people put aside some pretty big differences, when the plan was just for everyone to have enough not to struggle and worry about making ends meet

Day 5 – Everyone went back to their homes and held community meetings for several weeks. During this time they all expressed the kind of life they wanted. Totally selfishly cost thats all fine when they are in on the entire love circle. Being selfish is as fabulous and necessary as being selfless

Give and take was the main ethos

Naturally leader’s and followers were elected in the joyous little democracy of their street or town or nation.

The crazy lady who knew she was queen of the world had all the cash in the pot of the nation revolting with singing and dancing as their only wanted weapons

Due to everyone’s mistrust of her she was sat on her throne with 8 ooooozy 9mm’s touching her entire head

She said, well boys, I don’t think this is quite fair but no guns go off in the land of softness and fluff, she was cool as a cucumber, which was rare for her when young and half aware

and the gun guys knew she was solid gold, silver and poo poo, so they gave her her iPod and she sung along to the songs she adored whilst they pondered STILL!

Week 2, everyone realised that the pot needed to be divided between the communities, taking into consideration the extra costs that come with caring for the sick, the elderly and the disabled and no-one had a problem with this. They all wrote the health and social care policies that they needed and as they KNEW how big the pot was, they were happy to acknowledge that some mini nations needed more money, and the others who had the same capabilities got an equal amount

Dawny was most chuffed cos she was with the community that sound proofed the shite out of every home and she finally got to have her stereo on 30 without the tut tuts of old days, they spent quite a lot of their budget on that sound proofing, in case there were some guns and roses fans moving in

Many decided not to move at all, they had gotten to know their neighbours really well whilst getting what all of them wanted…freedom, to be what they are without judgement, a fair and equal shot of equality in order to chase their dreams, or to live as they did but with all the pride and magic memories of how amazing they all were when they got together.

The world pot of cash was filmed 24/7 by 87000 peeps, to prevent back hander’s on the sly and distributed as organised and maybe re-organised as the true democracy run on bubbles of love and cash.

The boys in blue and the MP’s and back benchers were still totally necessary and they organised the civil services, in the bespoke manner needed by each mini nation, street, group etc. They were free to make money and more money and more money, as was every person there.

Once they all realised they were gods living together, low self esteem was eradicated from the dictionary as was dis respect, the words were no longer relevant to the new age order

And GOD was no fool when he made this world because he ensured that every single person had a passion for something, he gave us all that when he created us. because he only ever wanted people to do their dream job.

People still paid taxes to fund the caring services and spent every penny they had and made, so the economy was even wearing an ACID T-shirt

And people also realised that in gaining power over their pot, they were responsible for keeping it topped up, the employed paid their tax back in tut pot, and due to the volunteer market being what it is, the unemployed would get to find their dream job, and doing what you love for a living is fab, therefore they would be earning the same keep as the employed… and they would be paid by the pot,

For all those that fell in love with their neighbours and wished to tolerate the varying habits of their neighbours, they didn’t move, they watched Sarah Beanies’ up my street and made their environments boooootiful, their way!

Graffiti loving rage filled rappers with sound proofing and decks on the street loved the art on the walls of their streets

FOR ALL THIS FREEDOM, they would have to agree on the next generation. Because by this point everyone had been swathed in the impeccable indescribable safety of FULL SPAN LOVE, rules for the next generation would have to be abided and agreed upon. Parents would have to sign up to follow them, such as 2 full hours of play a day, the knowledge that they were mini GODS and that falling in love was magic, and if that love should end, they would still be as magic as they were before their hurt heart, compatibility will still be compatibility.

Every relationship would be known as a gift to lead them to their ONE, the one made for them

At the most extreme example, say there were some gangs who still wanted to shoot people, they would get to shoot each other (BUT NEVER anyone else, and this killing zone could not be popped into by others whenever they pleased, unless they were popping round for a cuppa)

HOWEVER, this group would know that the fundamental rules for the next generation would not exist as they will have all shot each other.

You all know what things you thought were useless at school so write your policies for what YOU want your kids to know about life, so the teachers can feel the epic immenseness of inspiring the kids.

The national curriculum would be the school of life and teachers could do their job, the way nature intended
SPEND SPEND SPEND those bucks so everyone gets more bucks to do what they want with

I may well have a separate house for my shoes 😉

And the tax will provide the government with what they need to roll out the bespoke policies, the docs will get all holistic and high in being the greatest healers ever


Some docs might want to be a DJ deep down, swop career, done job!

GOD was not an idiot when he made the world, the force he was made of (unconditional love) wanted everyone to be given the same opportunities and let’s face it, is there anything good about starving babies dying by the minute? or people drinking shit stinking water that poisons them? Come on? NO

And for the nations who are threatened with violence as they re-make and shape their country then THE whole world will get on their ass to protect them. We brits have access to human rights and due to them; week 1 of forever was possible.

So you owe it to your fellow world members to give them what they need to be protected, whilst they peacefully topple their leaders with their own version of the DVD, true to their values and cultural goings on

And all the mis understood humans who were the saddest at heart and the least accepted, learnt that they were even more epic than your average mind and heart.

Socio Path stands for YOU are the PEOPLE BEST suited to shape the path of your society, so the pain they all suffered would never happen to the next generations

Sounding like a good reason to book a week off work yet? If not, keep thinking

I love sitting on my twister chair and writing bilge, and profound stuff and my main passion is in the world health organisation and UN or Amnesty, cos I am a peace loving hippy, but I will be paid from the pot as a volunteer, as I would be if I had the paid version of the job

Everyone is powerful, appreciated, included, important, bonded, and in control, and essential. God made everyone essential, knowing they were all amazing and I’m pretty sure unemployment would be wiped out because people would be inspired and filled up with joy juice.

Laughing for the rest of their lives, being what life so far has made them.

LITERALLY, at the end of a few tough weeks, every single human would have an equal shot at living the life they really want to live, and those unable to find the perfect circle of love, would be those on the list called it’s just a matter of time

What could be more uplifting than GOD explaining GOD in simplicity – Love is giving, accepting, patient, kind, strong, sharing, forgiving, it seeks no vengeance, no punishment, no judgement no guilt, just acceptance and a big oiled dose of love at the end too.

And as each person realises that they too are GOD, because GOD is not a person, it is PURE LOVE, once you feel this beauty, you are GOD too, and how cool is this world going to be with 8 billion LOVED UP GODS walking the earth.

Oh and Love/God lays no rules or bounds on you, just buckets of free will to make your own mind up from the start of your life to the end, but should you choose to Procreate without following the universal rules for the next generation, you will be supported if it is help you need, but if you wish to step outside the upbringing you signed up for, that will be an action that will cause a reaction. Probably a large one and not a nice one

Re-write your world together once you finally get to see the ACTUAL pots of cash at your disposal…

In god’s plan, he had to test drive the human body mind and soul in order to see what could happen if people had half of the love circle, and what it made was a big old painful fear filled messy world.

Oh and it might be worth mentioning that telling boys to be tough and not cry is about as useful as telling girls they are here to seduce in order to gain love. Every emotion lives in boys and girls the same, it is in stifling these based on boobies and dumbsticks that got us in this mess

If you read the book Conversations with GOD. THEEEEE version of the BOOK, cos there’s a few different versions bobbing around, I’m sure you will see the unarguable logic in the best book on earth.

It’s not religion, it’s not dictation, it’s the leader of love (GOD) giving acceptance and some great simple questions that ask you what you want, what have you got now, keep what is useful and chuck the rest.

We are not fixed human beings, we can bend and twist anyway we want.

Finally, I would personally cherish your ma and pa ‘cos they love you unconditionally and they knew that god had to make us, break us and then re-make us, so we could be epic.

There was no other way but the hard way

Oh and Mother Nature made every living thing on earth the same way, as in, every species runs on unconditional love, and this is why they live in perfect harmony with each other with no fear of death, although they know it could be coming at any moment.

How would they be sooooo fearless unless they were love filled?

All there is – Love and Fear and everything we do, say and be, comes from these points, the minute I felt that feeling of MAN SIZE LOVE, there was no fear left, which is why I have fearlessly laid my crappy actions of the past for all to see, and accepted the shame.

You don’t have to tell the world, just have a convoy with the book and he’ll say, yep, forgiven, I love you, go be epic you spandangly little bugger you.

I have been hiding from myself all my life, but I have nothing to fear just being ME now, cos I finally know LOVE in its entirety and I KNOW KNOW KNOW the force exists, cos I had a heads up or 2 or 678…

Thank-you to those already in the know. Thankyou and I will spend the rest of my days trying to give it back

It’s just equality and freedom and acceptance

And all everyone need do after ALL that effort, would be to move

Location location location is everything

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