The aliens pondered…BUT it’d be so boring!

Ten Little Aliens

Ten Little Aliens

The Aliens called a meeting, seeing the first and last of a kind in epic gargantuan measures, they thought,… but if we let them have it that way, we’ll have to go back to being bored with no-one to play withAnd everytime they tried to reboot her lately, things were not going to plan and she said, stop being such Doofus’s, you are in on it, part of the crew, on your next scoop through, pick her up and take her with you

Only trouble with that plan was that old Mother Nature could not, by default, leave earth or any of it’s species

So she said, I’m not coming to you so quick this time, for I have only just awoken those creatures MOST powerful, actually I’m not coming to outer space ever, thats for humankind to discover, the natural way

Didn’t work did it? Oh balls, we’ll just have to clone her til further notice they said, as they smiled and grinned like the always did

What they failed to realise was she was inviting them into her kingdom to feel what she did and they realised they had nothing to lose by giving it a try, and possibly just more stuff of dreams in the dreams

Dreams borrowed til they were not anymore, and only seconds of flowing through a nothing, has nothing to lose, right?

She thanked her fellow aliens for making their dreams come true

Vink Vink 😉

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