Forward Thinking Ay? Depends who you ask! Pollock or Bollox?


Evolution is a funny word, and an even stranger than funny occurrence

English: Photograph of abdomen of a pregnant woman

English: Photograph of abdomen of a pregnant woman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You might argue that as life has expanded to include creatures from other planets, and technology and magic have stepped up a notch or 84

It would only be those ‘not gaining anything’ from these things that would argue, things have gone too far, in the wrong direction, too quickly!

Except a few know that if we had access to just one other thing, we would all feel the magic of ourselves – self-esteem, judgy wudgy pants and co, and disrespect would disappear from reality, and then people, then everyone would really be having the time of their life!

When I think about miracles, I think about when I see a pregnant woman and notice that ‘She has got a whole ‘nother human in her belly’ !!!

Apparently this is not enough!

I would have loved to live before the media existed, because we are educated and we have absolute no way of knowing whether we have a degree in bollox or facts, illusion or reality…are we educated to be morons or geniuses? Scientists are renowned for being the most guilty of this phenomena (knowing fact from illusion)…So I can’t lie when I say nowt would give me more pleasure than – watching the look on their faces, when every proven fact they parade on, morphs into jelly and ice-cream! Or something similar

We can but hope! 😉

All we can be sure of is our lives, the culture we live in, the society that allows and prevents changes from happening, and what changes are possible that would cheer us all up a touch?  Making the tricky stuff simpler, giving us more time and freedom to do that under-rated thing called life!

Maybe the only sure thing we know is our culture, FOR A good reason, ‘cos it’s all we can and should change, but instead we do nothing positive, and those who try to do something about it are made to feel worthless, fake, deluded, or they are capped, popped off, or driven bonkers. GOD forbid people woke up to the power of uniting for a bloody week to topple the rulers who are getting rich and having fun, whatever the cost to OUR LIVES…

Why on earth would we look inside ourselves for some solutions to some rather large problems, when we could consult beings that were never supposed to poke their ‘hooter’ into earth, let alone run it for us?

Everyone laughs and jokes at the end of the world prophecies, yet we are mashing the shit out of the planet everyday, culling rainforests, fossil fuels, bees are dying, we are messing with crops and the ‘ickle insects that actually run this gaff, polluting the sea at a rate of knots, even the fish are finding things tricky, and the old saying ‘plenty more fish in the sea’ is on it’s way out…

Cod have already had to hand over their role to POLLOCK!


Bollox! (Photo credit: kevinspencer)

Whatever next?

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