More mildly insane pondering! With a wish or two thrown in…Why? Why not?!

Cat and Dog Cupcakes

Cat and Dog Cupcakes

The open-minded and the crazy, get it from all directions

Few dare to know the extent of their wisdom, only the fearless dare and that takes time

Few can be held to account for terrorising these people, and more than a few know it’s happening

Illness is one mighty huge get out of jail free card, for a plethora of morally superior folk whom I chuckle at for even believing on one tiny level that they are deluded enough to take a higher ground position, as they lead a war for nowt’ more than kicks and cash!

The trick is to know that those who think they know it all, are those that either fail to see the truly unexplainable

Or believe they are responsible for the unexplainable, even if the ‘how’ evades them at present

Or people are literally quantum leaping through life and pausing it…(A big SHIZA if that’s the case)

Are we in a continual state of hypnotism?

Or a second away from oblivion, or popping in and out of consciousness as we know it, in between cooking tea and having a fag?

Bar the dreaded idea that invisible aliens make up the VAST majority of our population

I have experienced a mass influx of spiritual mini miracles going on in my entire home, that evade explanation

Ghosts, shapeshifters, aliens or very clever cats

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life

These are involved just as much as the bent neighbours who chuckle away, mistakenly taking credit for the lot

BUT I firmly believe there is more and that more is LOVE, and it’s gonna get rammo in the main room known as earth, twickaly please Lordy Lord!

Conspiracy theories are tainted with links to lunacy for a reason

Cos someone’s ass pinches a touch, when someone gets too close for comfort, and said person is such a loon that they’ve moved from a ‘fear based’ investigation to a ‘bring it on’ investigation

ONE problem underlies the lot – Judgements and the perceived right to judgements, that justify action. Shame and awareness is the natural emotion and state of mind that over-rides and corrects hurts and wrongs, but too much awareness and no shame is a scary fucking mess!  

I do hope everyone has a sure basis for their actions, ‘cos you know the old saying

‘For every action there is a re-action’, this universal law will probably sort out my non reaction to current events. Eventually, it’s only a matter of time I do believe, before justice becomes a reality, instead of a 7 letter word that allows another system of corruption to flourish

The more you realise the magic of words, when you’ve taken each one down to its second and third meaning, the more of this universe you discover, the more its darkness comes into view

Lunacy – Lunar See, Astrology, Astro Low G, Sociopath, Socio(l) Path, Vowels, Vowe to the l’s

What would be perfection for me? If LOVE in massive doses made the lot, and is about to dump a miracle so grand, on the worlds eyes, that GOD as a power of love and THE creator of all things can’t be denied, and everything will feel the indescribable unimaginable injection of zereal thing

The Ghost of You


If not, I would guess that our time on earth with the animals we know of, and the beauty of the nature we see, is limited and personally, I find that a tad more important, than which movie to make next

But the corrupt will always be the most powerful ‘cos when you have no love in your life, then life is nothing without a game or two ay? And all the time in the world to think and create, without a drop of conscience in sight, frightens me

No matter the price or the suffering, when I die I’m sooooooo gonna have the TIME OF MY LIFE as the most incessant little haunter ever ever ever! Ever!

God will make sure I obtain the suitable ‘wheels’ and/or miniature size/ transparency needed, to gives me my dreams…I might spend the first 5 years of my afterlife tickling people under the chin, until they lose their rag, and then I’ll sail next door and start re-tickling the next chin that I wish to mildly irritate

I think the current owners and directors of life are bored and without emotion, a wicked or not so wicked combination of 2 things to be made of

I guess in the end we choose what we want, and we want what we want, based on what we know

There are some cruel ass games going on in this universe, and someone somewhere is watching the lot

I hope that someone is someone who knows love, or better still, only knows love and is made of it’s epic strength in totality

I think the big joke is, stars are not millions of miles away at all, I think they are approximately 2 miles up, and they’re being plucked from the air by the RAF or the 51 green things, and then played with for kicks

If I had one wish, I’d wish that all these entities stayed here, but got a large ass dose of unconditional love into their souls, or cd-roms, or battery packs or IQ’s or pages, all at once

And I hope that Mother Nature is watching and ensuring that all of her babies, from spiders to humans, have some sorta genetic STOP being a WANKER button, in their make up

Hopefully it’s a ratio thang!

Moving forward after a spot of equality tinkering, is such a simple and marvellous solution if you’re a donk with no IQ and you believe GOD is a DJ! Amongst other things

I say, Please ROCK ON god and do some more magic pronto ‘cos the donks/blind fools/evil buggers/ratio is miles out, and your notable patience could be the one thing you might wanna re-think, in your circle of impeccable perfection!

Unfortunately, humans and the others are too slow to tread the true path of wisdom, we’re moving too fast and too sure, and discarding things that existed for a reason…

If this is evolution, I can’t wait to exit the MO-FO known as life stage 2, ‘cos I was from the 1st one I think…When my addled mind and tired body pop off, I will hook up with the loved up cloud dwellers who do like to let me know they’ve got my back, as best they can amongst the apparently evolved next generation that we are sharing this place with!

I don’t know Horatio is but I’m feeling the urge to say ‘For gods sake Horatio, sort yourself out’, if Horatio ius reading this and is not responsible for this epic fuck up, my apologies

HELP! Pretty please someone or something

Help wanted sign


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