Unbelievably Groovy! :)

We will stick together..smile together..be tog...


Just when I thought technology was in for another judgement/whine fest from me (mainly derived from my own inability to keep up with it) 😉

I discovered the most amazing thing ever! A virtual fish tank screen saver!!! Another massivo thank-you to the angels that lead me to the ponder of this possibility, and to Vine for remembering I wanted to check out the screen saver market, and subsequently reminding me 🙂  

This is not just any old fish tank people, it is EPIC and once again, the hypnotic calming effect of watching fish swim is back in my life and is ALMOST as good as the real thing…Although I did pay for it twice and after both transactions were completed, I had purchased a test version with no code in the email for the real version! Cheeky little shamones 😉

Which has left me with 28 other species that I can’t activate, but lay dormant and shaded in front of my eyes, as a little tease of all that swims in the ‘pay 3 times sucker’ real oceans! But I’m not complaining, the selection I’ve been given are THE NUTS!!!

This amazing bit of kit houses beautiful and varied tropical fishes, with a plethora of wonderous species to choose from, it has bubbles with sound, it has moving realistic light effects cascading all over the shop, it has coral much like the coral reef scenes from the Australian ocean, the fish swim around in picture perfect swirls, including realistic little shakes of their tooshies

There’s more 🙂

It has music playing in the background, which you add from your own music library…it has a crystal in the centre, which houses favourite pictures, a clock, a calendar, and a thankyou logo to the creator, serene screen…The scene/picture in the crystal changes every 10 seconds on a loop! How cool has the screen saver market become over time? Very cool I can tell ya!

And I miss the amazing fish tank I once had in this house, I’ve been mildly moody over not having fish in the lounge anymore, for quite some time, so my excitement over this discovery is extra spandangaly!

Now for the final epic trick, the tank pans round!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

At a rate chosen by the user, which makes it feel almost like a total real life aquarium, the one thing it lacks is a domed screen effect, and being as our old fish tank was the classiest tank I’ve ever seen, the front glass was domed in shape for extra WoW factor…apart from this, it bloody rocks and is as near to a perfect match of virtual versus real, currently possible!! Seeing as I had no idea such a thing existed a couple of weeks ago, I’m pretty enamoured with its quality and realistic features (not referring to anything but the fish tank screen saver, incase you were wondering)

Also, as a sidenote, and a memory of tragic cat-fish incidences of the past, I realised that having the flat screen version was far kinder to my pussy-cats. I’m sure they were clucking to get in the real one for a feed, for prolonged periods over the course of a day, back in the day

You don’t have to velcro the top down for safety with the PC version, or wake up to find Poor Blanche (one of the two Oscars) slashed with a cat likeness ‘swipe of the claws’ all down one side…Poor Blanche, they all turned on her 😦

Aside from a weeee RIP to Blanche, I now have a mini ocean scene with PANNING facility! I think I may have to search the web to see if it’s possible to purchase a domed screen instead of a flat one!

God bless the angels of screen savers! They have made a stressful and panic inducing fortnight, much calmer and soothing than it would have been without them 🙂

Thumbs Up to Serene Screen! 🙂 It’s Wunderbarwith a cherry on top!     Angel

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