Seriously? People continue to AMAZE me! Who made up the rules?


I watched an episode of ‘Come Dine With Me’ this evening and it left me baffled!

People get the ‘UMP with other people for the most ridiculous reasons

John the ‘foody’ was rather opinionated, and there was a lady who spent much of her time giggling, neither of which were crimes last time I checked

But nooooooo, apparently their lack of social etiquette was nothing short of appalling!

What I found most shocking was the fact that they all disappeared upstairs to discuss the evening, and every single one of them (except honest John) slagged their competitors off to the core, and then went downstairs and slapped their smiles back on and began complimenting the hosts to their face

And apparently John was the biggest asshole!

Why oh why are people sooooo touchy about such banal things, the way they were carrying on you’d have thought they gave birth to the ingredients based on their utterly OTT reactions to a bit of honesty

I often wonder if I’m a touch autistic and ‘Come Dine’ has confirmed this as highly likely

When did it become completely OK to slag someone off to the very core behind their back? (over food opinions and laughing)

And then be judged as superior for saying the opposite to their face?

People confuse the shit out of me, everyday I seem to be exposed to another socially unacceptable habit, to the point where I can only see one solution to ‘fit in’ – and that is to be completely fake and two-faced, and to always wear a smile, but check the frequency of your chuckling!

When people are running round the world committing murder amongst other things, should we not be judging people on slightly wider parameters than whether they like our crab cakes or not? Maybe it’s just me that is odd?

Sorry but I say…What a bunch of Doooofus’s!

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