Which One(s) Are You?


Due to recent life events, I have been forced to stretch my wisdom genes and my philosophical viewpoints further than ever before…and in this process I have come to believe that every person is

A Master, A Teacher, A Preacher and/or a Healer

In life there are so many individual occurrences, that entwine to make our lives what they are. Meaning and understanding have to be taught, we need to learn about them, and to heal from the pain filled ones, in order to function in any society

Love, hate, desire, rejection, winning, losing, thinking, talking, technology, science, maths, geography, philosophy, health, sex, personality traits, the universe, dimensions, delusions, facts, discourses, sexuality, gender, wealth, poverty, schooling, emotions, pressure, laughter, sadness, violence, charity, housing, DIY, laws, rules, gossip, media, lies, truth, faith, god, beliefs, values, weather, travel, difference, danger, perception, disease, cars, planes, trains, animals, war, vegetables, commerce, racism, elitism, comics, porn, prostitution, belonging, change, strength, weakness, work, career, occupation, psychology, history…

I’m sure the number of topics that we need to find meaning for, is almost infinite. I also cannot think of one person that I know, who is not a teacher, preacher, healer or master of (at least) one of these things

It can be as simple as having a friend who makes you laugh – Every time you see this friend they heal you by making you chuckle ’til it hurts

Aside from 2 of my school teachers who completely changed my life, many of my loved ones have taught me things about life, that I would have never have discovered without them

Those teachers we all know who tend to get a little over excited when they talk to their students, and insist on relaying the message no matter where they might be, no matter how inappropriate the location or situation…these are some of our Preachers

A Master is the ‘Mr Miogy’ of your town, they are also the person who scored the most on Fruit Ninja, those are the – iPod app Masters

Looking at life from this viewpoint – I wonder if most people would be nicer and more accepting of others if they automatically knew that every stranger they met was a – healer, a teacher, a preacher and a master of at least one ‘topic’. Everyone gives away something that has become essential to give, a necessity for adding meaning to our life?

Life without meaning is worthless, are we lucky that we have a world full of hero’s to appreciate? When every single place we go to, is filled with them – Hero’s that Heal/Teach/Master or Preach…to someone who needs their wisdom…

This means that everyone can enrich your life, it is only when we shut people out that we prevent gaining something…from receiving a gift that is given with pure intent and joy

I’d say that is a pretty nice exchange of goods to seek out…

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