Daily Archives: August 29, 2012

Love Film Madam? No I love YOU!


Gorgeous fridge magnet  People people people! I have just been in to the city centre on a hunt for a new hat…you would not believe how hard it is to find a new groovy hat, in a city with more shops than children

Anyway, I managed to find a little beauty in TK Maxx and I was strolling home when I was stopped by this guy who was mouthing something in my direction…I couldn’t hear what he was saying ‘cos I had my head phones in, but I was hoping he said

‘Excuse me madam, would you like to run to the mall toilets or your gaff…to have your wicked way with me?’

Unfortunately, when I tore my headphones out of my ears like a wild woman and said

‘Excuse me?’… He said Read the rest of this entry

Mania, Camping Out and Whoopi!


When I am in one of my manic spells, if I happen to come across something uplifting, I have a habit of becoming utterly addicted to it for quite some time

A few moons ago I was in said state, and I decided to ‘Camp Out’- which translates to getting all the sofa cushions on the floor and making a little bed out of them… with a duvet under me, a duvet over me, and about 8 pillows propping me up

My lounge is not the largest of rooms and this meant that all visitors were forced to either climb onto the camp bed with me, or to sit on the base of the rather hard sofa frame, fully cushion free, and with a teeny 6 inch gap between the camp and the sofa frame, in which to place their longer than 6 inch feet!

Many of my friends and family were particularly worried about my state of mind at the time, so home was a busy drop in centre, as they periodically came to check that I was still marginally residing on this planet Read the rest of this entry