Love Film Madam? No I love YOU!


Gorgeous fridge magnet  People people people! I have just been in to the city centre on a hunt for a new hat…you would not believe how hard it is to find a new groovy hat, in a city with more shops than children

Anyway, I managed to find a little beauty in TK Maxx and I was strolling home when I was stopped by this guy who was mouthing something in my direction…I couldn’t hear what he was saying ‘cos I had my head phones in, but I was hoping he said

‘Excuse me madam, would you like to run to the mall toilets or your gaff…to have your wicked way with me?’

Unfortunately, when I tore my headphones out of my ears like a wild woman and said

‘Excuse me?’… He said

‘Do you love films?’


I looked to his right side and saw his little ‘sales pitch camp’, with LOVE bloody film splashed all over it and my soul shriveled with sadness and hormone shots a plenty

I don’t think I have seen anyone that fit for a good 15 years! I told him there was no hope of talking me into his deal and he said

‘OK but I’m gonna make you laugh A LOT for the next minute’

In fact, I got a good 5 minutes of chucklesome interaction out of him before he gave up the ghost, and off I went…Really I wanted to say

‘Why in gods name are you selling films instead of your body?’

Who says prostitution is a gals game? Personally, I’d pay good money for a night with Mr Horny pants from ‘love film’ land, he’s definitely in the wrong game!!!

I think I may be in temporary love for at least 5 days!

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