Mania, Camping Out and Whoopi!


When I am in one of my manic spells, if I happen to come across something uplifting, I have a habit of becoming utterly addicted to it for quite some time

A few moons ago I was in said state, and I decided to ‘Camp Out’- which translates to getting all the sofa cushions on the floor and making a little bed out of them… with a duvet under me, a duvet over me, and about 8 pillows propping me up

My lounge is not the largest of rooms and this meant that all visitors were forced to either climb onto the camp bed with me, or to sit on the base of the rather hard sofa frame, fully cushion free, and with a teeny 6 inch gap between the camp and the sofa frame, in which to place their longer than 6 inch feet!

Many of my friends and family were particularly worried about my state of mind at the time, so home was a busy drop in centre, as they periodically came to check that I was still marginally residing on this planet

Most of them coped with the discomfort of the seating arrangements… but NONE of them coped well with the viewing on offer. So much so that they are now scarred for life ;)…The uplifting experience I had no control over – was the continual looped viewing of Sister Act 1 and 2

This morning I woke up and my favourite scene of both movies (twas difficult to choose, but choose I have) popped into my head…It is the end scene from number 2, when the kids sing ‘joyful joyful’

Cover of "Sister Act"

God Bless Whoopi!

I youtube’d it and as usual it made me cry a little bit, it moved me a lot a bit, and it also creased me up laughing as the faces of my loved ones popped into my mind, all speaking the words

‘You’ve killed this film for me, I still can’t bring myself to watch it’

A phrase that is still uttered to this day, pretty much by my entire family and friends….STILL 😉 a good 3 years after the episode!

Poor buggers

Seeing as none of you were round my house during that 6 month period, I’m hoping it will lift you up too (as opposed to killing your soul)…A spot of ‘joyful joyful squit’ to brighten up todays moments of ‘bored-ful bored-ful’


Mwah xxx

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