Religion Complicates the Simplicity of Love! (With Hell)


Remove all the disagreements of individual religions – and your left with the existence of a ‘PURE Massivo incomprehensible dose of LOVE’

Love doesn’t categorise according to race, place, nature, sin, crime or evil. These things are subjective acts based on judgements that change with time; they all stand to the side of love

Love loves all our shapes, physical and mental

Love doesn’t have favorites

Love in its purest form is ‘Unconditional’. (FULL STOP)

Love doesn’t leave and then come back at a later date

Love has no choice about its boundaries

Love has no boundaries to choose from

Love can be found in every single occurrence, and object, and detail of life

Nature (and/or a Creator) has found a way to make a world where all species can be respected, blessed and content. All able to work alongside each other (Us humans are shite at it as a whole, but it is us who stand in the way of peace and bliss, rather than God, who is often accused of causing war)

Love forgives even when forgiveness isn’t asked for

So why in GODS name do so many people believe in Hell?

It works in direct opposition to everything that is obvious and unarguable about Love, let alone ‘God sized Love’. It makes no sense to me personally

Why would an entity made entirely from love, build a place that causes continual pain and suffering ?

I don’t believe anyone goes to hell, I believe the soul can only be healed with love, so no matter what you do when you are here on earth, no matter what you believe or disbelieve, if God exists and the afterlife is real, then He is waiting for each and every one of us to join him… so that he can heal the broken and the semi fixed, with his love

His love…Our love…well; it is the sweetest thing I’ve found so far in my life, and I can’t imagine anything that could trump that feeling

So this tune is For Him, it reminds me of the moment I knew his love was real, and what a moment that was!

And this one…:)

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