Daily Archives: September 25, 2012

Geezer Birds and Camp Alpha Males


I’ve never really been a girly girl on a large-scale. Don’t get me wrong, I adore shoes, I love an excuse to put a spangly dress on, and I probably have more clothes and handbags than Vera Wang herself

I also have zero tolerance for anyone touching my hair in case they mess with the direction of my curls, and/or pushing my eye brow hair in the wrong direction!


I have always been the token lad when I’m hanging out with the boys… a poker playing, mischievous, direct, semi alcoholic, adrenaline seeking, bossy sod! And I don’t exactly exude that age-old feminine trait – vulnerability.

Also; when I blow my nose I reckon it’s a good 50 decibels louder than your average chick. Read the rest of this entry

Short Number 33 – Coins and Loins


“What’s the problem?”

“The problem?…

Desire! Fire! all standing on the edge of a Liar!”

“But it’s wrong”

“I know, and that’s why it’s so strong!”

“You don’t belong, It’s a one sided Con!”

“I know, that’s why it’s so Strong!”

“Been riding Right! Since I saw the Light!”

“But it’s too Bright! Too Bright to Fight!?”

“Tonight is the Night! Right!?”

“Out of Sight, I just Might!”