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Some people wait a lifetime to prove their point…Science V Ghosts


4,863 Ghosts were hanging out at number 36 Meldon Close

They had been waiting to hear the magic words for almost a year…

It was on a Tuesday when the moment finally came, and they all cheered as Mr Davis told his wife that he had booked a scientist and an exorcist – to investigate and bring an end to the many odd occurrences they had witnessed; events that he could no longer deny were happening, in every room of the house

The 2 experts were due to arrive the following Monday, at 2pm Read the rest of this entry

In my ‘Solitude’ – Comes the search for a different type of company


I call these days my lonely days, but I spend them reading all about the lives of others

I call these days my moments of solitude, but I search for your words about solitude, to enrich the experience of feeling it, of having it

I call them my ‘old school’ days, but the day is not complete without a DVD running in the back round for company, and a keyboard for talking

I call them my alone time days, but if the cats are not curled up near to the computer screen, I try my best to round them up onto the bed with me

I call them my me days, but I spend them searching for other ‘you’s, to take a peek inside your hearts and minds

I call them my me days, but when I switch the phone off, I worry that someone will need me for something

I call them my me days, but I love to see those little orange stars…a sign that tells me someone has noticed me, sometimes ‘my words’ are just another way of saying… ‘me’ Read the rest of this entry

Slowly Does it…all you fellow ‘Crazies!’


I have never understood how people manage to soak in the bath for a whole hour, without slamming their head on the taps (or something similar), to overcome the sheer unadulterated mind bending boredom of lying still like a corpse underwater!

My baths take approx 8 to 12 minutes, depending on whether or not my leg hair is at a ‘tongable length’, and needs removing

I’m always watching people who seem to be chilled and relaxed most of the time, in the hope I’ll spot a trick to steal, and become less highly strung by copying it. My Mum’s hubby is a prime example of this kinda person, and he’s a very busy guy.

The difference seems to be about speed

He moves at the pace of a slug, no matter what the job, he only knows how to poodle on down Read the rest of this entry

Short Number 34 – He moves in mysterious ways


I woke up that morning and prayed for a stress free day  

On the way to work I tripped on a drain cover, and smashed my two front teeth to bits

“So much for faith” – I lisped

  30 years later, the dentist who ‘capped me to rescue’ was at my bedside, as our   4th child was born

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