Some people wait a lifetime to prove their point…Science V Ghosts


4,863 Ghosts were hanging out at number 36 Meldon Close

They had been waiting to hear the magic words for almost a year…

It was on a Tuesday when the moment finally came, and they all cheered as Mr Davis told his wife that he had booked a scientist and an exorcist – to investigate and bring an end to the many odd occurrences they had witnessed; events that he could no longer deny were happening, in every room of the house

The 2 experts were due to arrive the following Monday, at 2pm

At 1.45pm, on said Monday, Gilbert (the leader of the ever-growing pack) threw a chair at the wall, with just enough force to frighten the living bejesus’s out of the Davis family, but, without making a mark on the wallpaper

Then they all ran upstairs into the loft and Gilbert shouted the instruction…

“Keep still and hold your breath”

45 minutes after the investigation confirmed a complete absence of any paranormal activity, the scientist and the exorcist left, and Mr and Mrs Davis began to sob, as the entire contents of the loft landed in the living room

Gilbert cheered and shouted to his mates “198 down, millions still to go! Will they ever learn?”

And all 4,862 of his masterful spirit mates screeched NOOOOOO and laughed their little tits off!

Even though they had waited an entire lifetime to get one up on science, it was more than worth the wait…everytime!

And as the chuckling began to quieten down, number 4,864 floated down onto one of the loft beams, with all the grace of a professional ballet dancer. He was immediately nominated for prank number 8776. Gilbert was chuffed to bits, he’d been waiting for someone this nimble for years to land at number 36; time to break into next door at last, quiet as a cat and quick as a mouse was number 4,864…

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