Memories – Leytonstone to Basildon swathed in Musical Bliss


About 20 years ago, my brother had just passed his driving test and he purchased an ultra stylish Volvo estate 🙂 complete with beige plastic interior…

Nice Motor!

Note – It was the era where girls and boys spent hours making ‘smooch mixes’ on cassette…The slow dance at the end of a party was a cultural benchmark of the 80’s ‘new romantics’

We decided to go for a drive down to Basildon to see my Nan, and Leigh was obsessed with this particular song at the time. So; I had to wait for about an hour and a half before we could leave; whilst he recorded it (real-time)

Finally, he filled the entire A and B side of the tape and off we went

In spite of the fact that he was driving the most uncool car known to man (at age 18)…we were feeling pretty special 😉

The sun was shining and the windows were down, I pushed the cassette into the hole, and we sung the song from start to finish, at the top of our lungs, on a loop, for an hour and a half (twice; there and back)

There were several pivotal moments in the song, where we would look at each other with a Pavarotti styleeee expression, and fling our arms up in pure unadulterated musical bliss. It was one of them drives you know you’ll never forget

We were like the ‘Volvo Freedom Fighters’, free as 2 birds with our adventure wings on, singing our little hearts out

I’ll never forget it, and it never loses its magic. Like a memory boxed, gift wrapped and sealed for preservation 🙂

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  1. Hey beautiful, thanks as always for taking the time to comment. I smiled all the way through reading your words, until I reached ACDC 😉 same kinda treasured memories, very different soundtrack 🙂 Dawny

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