Dear Church, I’ve sent you a little letter this week…Love God!


Whilst browsing WordPress today, I came across this great entry…

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One part in particular (shown below in pink) caught my eye, so I’ve decided to join the gang of authors, with my own version of –

‘Gods latest letter to the church’

“I wonder what God might write in a letter to our church today? I recently asked our leadership team to prayerfully write such a letter and to pass them on to me without talking about their content with each other. My hope is that although they will inevitably reflect their human authors, their personalities and interests, that as I read them alongside each clear patterns might emerge as the Spirit speaks. I am a firm believer that all believers have access to God through the Spirit, and so I extend this challenge to you too.”

Click here to read the full article –

If you decide to do the same, pretty please direct me to your own letter’s, as I’d love to read them.

OK…Here goes my little love note

Dear sweet children of mine,

I am writing you this letter for many reasons, but I’ll start with my main point, which is of course…To tell you how much I love you

The title and shape of the church you stand in, makes no difference to our friendship. A church can be any place at all if you just call it a church. A field, a kitchen, a cathedral or a mosque. If you truly trust in me and my copious amounts of love, you will hopefully understand this point. I see the good intentions that underpin your attempts to convince others that I exist, however, my impact upon the lives of those with no faith, is just as great whether they know I am with them, or whether they do not. So free some of that time to develop yourself…(or don’t! You are free to choose, always. These are just suggestions ;))

Faith comes to people in a million different ways, and telling somebody that I exist, usually does not lead to belief. Please trust me when I tell you that faith is a timely discovery, personal to each and every one of you. Worry less about converting others…

Did I mention that I love you? 🙂 I think so… but I’ll tell you ALL again; all of you inside these walls and all of the folk outside of these walls, I love all equally and…Unconditionally.

Many messages of sin and evil have permeated my ultra simplistic way of doing things. After the gargantuan job of creating everything, was over; being your ‘parent’ was my only remaining task. It is my job to love you, not because I should, and not because you have done ‘good things’…but simply because I cannot help it. You are all wonderfully, uniquely imperfect and I ask nothing of you.

HOWEVER, if you want your world to change in line with my hopes and dreams, then preserve your planet and your humanity, by simply acting lovingly as often as possible

If you wish for a better world, be a better you. Simplessss! I marvel at the kindness that many of you exhibit here each week, but many of my messages have been subject to some ‘chinese whispers’, and many age-old quotes from the many bibles on offer; have been distorted or invented. This has left you all with the idea that I disagree with certain traits and behaviours exhibited by certain groups (such as the gay population)! And agree with others

I love you all equally and unconditionally, and love cannot (by logic) harm anybody. Neither is there a hierachy…I have tried many times to pass on this message of equality, but most of you have closed your minds to my latest advise (which you are free to take or leave as you wish)… such as the words found in the ‘Conversations with God’ trilogy.

I am just as present now, as I was thousands of years ago when those books were written in my name, all equally subjected to those ‘chinese whispers’ of a hierarchy, leading to 2 very different places. Heaven or Hell! (like the parent who understands the damaging effect of having ‘favourites’, I too refuse to favour any one of my kids, over another).

How; as your most loving parent, could I live with myself if I personally forced millions of you into a pot of fire, to be set alight and burnt alive? The simple answer is I could not. This is not loves logical action! No matter what you do, what you say, what you think or feel, all I will ever do is love you

I am logical and very easy to second guess, and that is because I am just love, I am made of it and I live in it, so I really am pretty simple to figure out. There is no greater worship of me, than an act of love from each of you to another. I have no needs, but nothing gives me more pleasure than to see all the relationships you hold dear, bulging out of the sides with love.

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy talking to someone of faith, who also understands the length and breadth of my sense of humour. Most worship is so serious, the songs so sombre, and the popular readings full of likes and dislikes, do’s and dont’s, sins and good deeds, and talk of hell! Where have all the jokes gone? And the joy?

If every person decided to live with this message at the sidelines of their decisions

‘What would love do here?’

The worlds problems would be halved over night, maybe even quartered

Love loves to see laughter, singing, dancing, celebrations, compassion, equality, tolerance, respect, understanding, balance and unity

Love doesn’t get so overwhelmed with joy, when it sees judgements, de-humanisation, corruption, suffering, torture, inequality without a base point of decent living for all, unnecessary death, unnecessary illness, war, weapons that cause harm and destruction…to both individuals; and to the earth, your home

Although I sincerely appreciate your efforts to come to church to worship me, and I understand the power and pleasure associated with group worship, I also see that most of your disagreements in your church, stem from disagreeing with ideas from another church

Disagreement will always exist, but what I would like to see  in response to these disagreements…is tolerance (because what I like to see is – Happy, fulfilled, jolly and free little souls)

If everyone in the world simply worked on tolerating difference, whilst keeping in mind that phrase

‘What would love do here?’

You would all save your planet and your humanity in rapid time. Love does the same things everytime…It protects the vulnerable, it wishes for unification and acceptance, it wishes that all people were given a fair shot at life, it believes in compassion, balance and wise thinking.

Though many of you are wise, collectively, you still haven’t managed to even feed and water over half of the world population. The corrupt and powerful elite are responsible for the distribution of wealth and health, and things will not change unless enough people change themselves, and call for a new way of doing things…

Love those you know, and treat those you don’t with a loving hand anyway, act as if you love them too.

If the child plunged into prostitution is not your biological child, should you turn your back and announce it as someone else’s problem?

‘What would love do?’

The saddest day for me, will come when your wonderful planet reaches ‘total wipeout’ …There is only one ethical stance left, that can alter that highly likely outcome, and that is ‘to love’.

And though I say I have no preferences, I fibbed!…Like all of you, I love laughter; and more than that, I love to laugh with you, so please share your jokes with me personally, please know you can talk to me directly whenever you want to, and I will answer you…always. I am the bestest best friend ever!

The most wonderful facial expression that I gave you all, to make good use of; is the SMILE

If I had just one wish, I would impose a cheeky ‘smile day’ into every culture, calendar and society on your planet…(I say it’s cheeky because your free will means everything to me, and strictly speaking, this would be a touch dictator like, and against my blanket ‘free will’ gift)

Finally, I cannot and will not ever hate anyone, ever, but in giving you all free will, you have allowed hatred and violence to swamp your world. When I see so much love in it too, I wonder how the hate has prevailed with such success…

Tolerance, compassion and unity are all you need to ‘be better’; and to make this world as beautiful as I thought it would be, back in the day when I was fresh on the job of creation. Each of you already have these qualities within you, so if this Sunday, you really wanna put a smile on my face, begin finding ways to spread these 3 things amongst as many people as possible, and call that ‘Sunday Church Worship’ too. Then; It will only be a matter of time before starvation, exploitation and poverty are eradicated, and that’s just for starters. I didn’t create all this wonder, so life could be soooo tough! Enjoy yourselves

Live Love Laugh, Smile and UNITE! (Or don’t ;))

ALL my love…ALL the love there is in the entire universe; I send to you all…



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  1. Interesting, interesting, interesting, I always find it interesting when we as people speak or write from God’s point of view. I mean the bible was written by man, but inspired by God which means the Spirit of God was in control of the man’s being that allowed him to speak and write what God wanted him too. God didn’t stop after the Bible was written, he still uses and chooses people today to accomplish his will including his ultimate goal, love. Thank you for sharing and taking time to read my own page, take care and God bless!

  2. Hey there Harula, Thankyou sooooooo much for such a lovely comment. I’m glad to have found you too and I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by and comment…Dawny 🙂

  3. Wow, awe inspiring and heart warming piece. I have a feeling a letter ‘I’ would write would be pretty similar in sentiment…slightly sad, effortlessly hopeful and filled with warmth and humour:-) Thanks for the like:-) Glad to have found you too.

  4. Hi Dawny,

    How I loved this post! Absolutely amazing your style of writing is! I am glad you stopped by at my site so that I could trail you back here. Thank you again for your time!

    Ill keep coming for more! 🙂


  5. Hey Stuartart, thankyou soooo much for your encouraging and lovely comment. I totally agree with you, and I hope more people see the simplicity in Gods love, its how I see it anyhoo…Always fab to meet an Amy fan too :)I miss her sooooooooo much and just hope she’s up there singing her heart out with God, MJ, and Whitney…Dawny 🙂

  6. I find it hard to believe that anyone out there could disagree with what you have written. Only the most afraid are inflexible in their beliefs. Beautiful and inspiring post. 🙂 PS: I’m a huge Amy fan too!

  7. Hey Rhino House, I was a tad confused but I get it now…I kinda addressed it to the building rather than it’s occupants…Thanks for commenting 🙂 Dawny

  8. Lil Trissus, you’re such a gem for being my number one fan. I can’t tell you how emotional it made me reading this, every little sister in the world knows how great it feels when their big sister is proud of them. I would say the world needs more you’s, Ms stardust (farts aside ;0). I really hope God enjoyed reading all the letters and cheers for the facebook-a-rama! Also, I was soooooo low the night you wrote this and it lifted my heart! Love you my life twin! START YOUR BLOODY RANT BLOG before I pop due to the wastage of your humorous mildly abusive convo’s! You could call it…Sorry but I was talking to another ignorant Bafoon 🙂

  9. dawny this moved me in a profound way. you my little sister are amazing and i think this may well be the most beautiful thing you have ever written. as you know, im not totally sold on the whole god thing but that doesnt mean i dont wish for these things too. the world needs more YOU’s. i am very proud to say im your sister. if there is a god then i think you just did him/her a great big justice. xxx love you gazillions xxxx

  10. Hey Jodi Lea, thanks a lot for liking the letter, it has had many reads and I think I may have peev’d a few religious folk off, so it’s good to know that others like my take on what I think God is like. I reckon he spends a lot of his spare time hanging out in the houses that have Michael Mcintyre’s DVDS on, I swear that guy is too funny to not be found funny by anyone! I reckon he may well like Seth Rogan and Adam Sandler…Mainly because their comedy is SOOOOOO light hearted, something he probably seeks after processing so many serious prayers! 🙂 Dawny…Who Knows…I know if I had his job, I’d be ordering a new comedy DVD from Amazon every 7 minutes 🙂

  11. Hey beautiful pants! I reckon he is all that and more, what a guy/alien/entity/it/them/he is! I wonder if he is green or silver and shiny like the boys in Irobot. My current image of him is the Dad of Eddie Murphy in Coming To America, I keep seeing him singing to me on a cloud with his Lion draped across his shoulders…Brings me much joy and more than a few chuckles!…Dawny 🙂

  12. Hey heartflow2012, thankyou so much for your comment. It’s good to know that others agree with this simplistic look on love. Thanks for lending me your heart ;)…Dawny

  13. Hello ‘imaforchange’, thank-you so much for taking the time to comment, it’s much appreciated! I indeed do believe that unconditional love forgives all our mistakes, that cause others pain. Thank-you also for sharing the love and pinging me some back 🙂 Dawny

  14. Interesting and intriguing note! 🙂 Your point is on the money and although I can not speak for God or my Lord I like you will imagine that unconditional love means acceptance and forgiveness… Thank you for sharing the love! This is my way of sharing it back! Love ya!!!

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