Fishing for Faith…Found or Taught? Defines how deep you get Caught!


I may be wrong here but I’m gonna spout my opinion anyway :)… I think the way somebody finds faith in God (through teaching versus experience) makes a great difference in how much that faith impacts the life of the person who believes

I grew up being told that God exists, I went to church from age 5 ’til I was 13, and I can honestly say that it had little to no impact upon my belief system. I left the community with a ‘maybe he exists and maybe he doesn’t’ attitude.

I tried to read the bible and a couple of other books about God, and I never got further than the first couple of pages as they all had the same tone…’Worship me, I rock, there is no-one better than me, no-one else deserves your adoration more than me etc etc. Then within 4 pages I’d read some (unloving) comment about homosexuality or women, that began to heat my blood up… and the book got closed

Thanks to Neale Donald Walsh, the author of the ‘Conversations with God’ trilogy, I was finally able to read about God in a simplistic way that fitted with my previous beliefs; Because Book 1 is essentially a book about a ‘belief in love’…

You can’t really deny love exists (everywhere), unless you’re totally out of touch with reality. People give and require love as an instinct, and when it’s felt at full height and purity, it rears itself in peace, freedom and pure unadulterated joy. During my readings of these books, I witnessed a number of crazy ass experiences (with my eyes ears and heart) and they left me without any doubt about his existence.

My faith was made concrete (Thank God)

I couldn’t describe how grateful I am for this, if I dedicated my entire life to expressing my gratitude! He  saved my life in 4 separate stages and moments, literally and unarguably. My faith was brought to me personally as opposed to taught, and this has made it unbreakable.

Whether you believe in God or not, these books are soooo worth a read, they not only make more sense than every bit of sense I know of! They are rammed full of wisdom regarding every aspect of life; and threats of judgements and punishments are completely missing (to be replaced with loving logical guidance and advice, to be taken or left as you wish)

Confirming his gift of free will…

If God is love and love created the earth, it makes sense that it would work the way it does.

Take vegetables as an example, every single different variety grows and is harvested at different times of the year, in tune with the natural variations of the seasons; and the needs of the particular veg that blooms – in either spring, summer, autumn or winter

To feed the hungry is a loving act. One of millions that naturally occur…If the earth was not created by a force of love (but evil instead) then I’m sure the veg would dry up for at least one season each year, purposefully starving whole nations to death. (This occurs in some nations due to human greed, rather than natures rules)

This veg example can be applied to every single organism, event and species on the planet.

Also, since my faith became what it is, I like to have a little chat with God most days, and he always answers…

Here’s why –

Cos a) We all share the same soul (so I’m connected to him, as he is talking to me). We are all sitting in a giant soul (visually expressed as an aura) that stores love; the part of us that brings feelings of freedom, joy and peace…Those 3 felt together, are where he resides, and are bound to be pretty jolly (logic again) when in full bloom… so even if you feel there is an absence of a voice talking back, we can ‘go figure’ what God would say. He would say what unconditional love would

He’s like the Dad who adores his kids, but makes no demands about their behaviour.

If you are willing to hear him…He comes in many ways, and answers questions by using our imagination, the environment, the TV…Through a particular song that sheds light upon your dilemma, or a thought that pops into the head from somewhere outside of the self; One that you just know doesn’t come from within, either subconsciously or consciously

I know the bible brings great comfort to many, but to me, the bible is not the word of God, but the words of people trying to control a society. Unconditional love would not burn someone to death due to their taste in a partner, nor their misguided attempt to change things

Love would not abandon someone for doing something deemed wrong (and that wrong thing will DEFINITELY be deemed right in a different place, context or time).

As he’s a rather evolved chap who’s been watching us for quite some time now, I don’t think he buys into rights and wrongs in the way we do (as confirmed in his dialogue in the CwG trilogy)

And every time I question or doubt love as the creator of the universe, I come unstuck! Because every single thing, even pond scum, is given what it needs to provide, thrive and survive. What is that? If not a loving act? If the creator was a judgemental god, surely he wouldn’t have invented flies, ‘cos everyone except flies hates flies 😉 – they puke and shite all over everything, but because he doesn’t discriminate, he gives the flies ample objects to puke and shite on anyway, regardless of their shocking social status 😉

Faith becomes Logic in a way

So next time you question the existence of God, look at all the processes on earth, remove those that are controlled and tainted by people, and your left with harmony, peace, freedom, purpose, provisions, perfection and joy.

If you look at all the tragedy and pain in the world, you will find love is missing from the equation. Directors of companies that place 5-year-old kids in factories with sewage running alongside their dangerous machinery, poisoning them day by day in buildings ready to crumble to the ground, their circumstances are not inspired by love, but by profit. There’s no love in bank notes per se, except when they are distributed for the greater good.

The 10’er that goes to a child so they can receive an education, is a bank-note stamped with love, because it is used as a gift, instead of an unnecessary top up to those with enough bank notes to use them as loo-roll for a decade or two!

Also, I believe he has a corking sense of humour (we all LOVE to laugh) and zero ego; he doesn’t want you to spend all day worshipping him, he’d much rather be your best friend, met with a simple and genuine thankyou at the end of each chat/prayer you have with him.

Whilst personally I try to ‘do better’… I can’t help but wish that everyone finds faith; because I’ve found the greatest (extra) best friend, parent and advisor you can lay your hands on. You can choose to ignore him, he doesn’t mind, he loves you just as much as he did before your screw up… and he always will

Today I pray that something happens to you… that gives you the gift of faith in experience, there’s nothing like it!

What a man (man/woman/entity/force of nature)

Dear Lordy Lord, Dawny loves you muchly! Mwah Xxx

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