Short (ish) Number 38 – Bullied and Bored!


Evil Boy asked the Nice Girl what was up?

Nice Girl said “YOU”

Evil Boy smiled and asked Nice Girl if she could be more specific…

Nice Girl said – “You used to scare me, then you terrified me, then I pitied you, then I pitied me, and now you just PISS ME OFF! Go find someone else to bully you tragic little low life, I’m bored!”

Evil didn’t hear anything past ‘you scare me’, ‘cos he was lost in his reflection AGAIN, narcissistic prick!

(81 words)

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  1. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and motivational posts. You have helped me loads already, unfortunately wordpress thinks I’m spam and won’t let me comment on anyone’s page (How Rude ;0) so I’m glad you left this comment so I could say thankyou to you…Dawny 🙂 (recovering at the pace of a slug but a slug moving in the right direction at least 🙂 Your blog is a gem

  2. It would seem so, I think were suffering from a prick epidemic ;)! Must be a result of the dysfunctional era we live in! So…did they finally leave you alone? If so, I’d love to know how you managed to get rid of them…Dawny 🙂

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