3 of me fight to take the wheel each day

To dictate the mood and the motion

While the other 2 hide away

Too damaged and afraid for sunlight, and scared of the darkness too

Buried even to me

That wasn’t enough though was it

You came and shattered my existence into thirds

Made sure I’ll forever be dismissed as absurd

Reality, illusion, destruction…The titles you’ve embedded on the 3 worlds created

Sliced all familiar faces into a million maybe’s

Pushed me to insanity’s core

Made solid of liquid, I can’t know anything for sure anymore

Rewired my brain and robbed me of my resolve

My mind has betrayed me, you’ve beaten it black, and I can never come back

You made damn sure of that

Don’t know who you are; or who does what

But I can’t have imagined the truth of attack


Stalking, hunting, stealing, hacks

Unsure right back to the start you’ve sent me, you’ve taken those threads from me too

Everything I hold dear

You have made a maybe, or taken completely

Your torture is hidden yet firmly planted here

For my eyes only

I’m powerless to protect the tangible and the abstract is yours now too

Dragging me down and you know I’m alone

Protected by no-one, as you invade my home

So now I not only have 3 sections of my psyche

Not only are 2 more reflected in my broken ability to be

Hidden but slicing through my identity

Now I must navigate 3 separate spheres

No-one believes, the burden is crushing

Drained, confused, weakened, distrusting

I walk the 2 left over lives, those that the people see

Pretending that this isn’t happening to me

I don’t know why you’ve done this to me

As you hide in the webs of ambiguous disbeliever’s

Painted me crazy, restructured me insane forever

Fact and fiction merge as you steal my sentimental treasures

Over and over and over

Faceless killers, professional deceit

8 personalities, 8 screwed realities, evil cackle while you destroy my family

Like the waves on the shore you relentlessly abuse

You’re the tides of my life, you leave me tattered and bruised

Everyday I wake again to see the sand is damp

The sea is relentless, and it’s where you camp

And clamp

Is it my life you wish to take

To break my back and tear my fragile heart, until one day I break

And swim into the stormy sea

Drowning alone in powerless misery

Dead before I ever claimed a single day to be

Evil that surpasses insanity

Faceless relentless soul-less entities

And you wonder why I lay like a corpse everyday

There are no dreams left

You’ve taken everything and painted it black

My freedom thoughts and dignity, lay in your blood stained hands

How you live with your actions I will never understand

You have rejected your soul and lost your identity as a part of humanity

Faceless broken monsters, slowly murdering me

The Dwellers of The Black Holes

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