Social Status, Success and Happiness – Love like a Lioness


When I was little, my Mum told me over and over that all she ever wanted me to be – was happy

I went through a phase of wishing that instead, she had told me she wanted me to chase my dreams.

Then I learnt some lessons, gained some knowledge, and experienced an awakening inside me…of ‘God’ and of ‘Spirituality’. It produced a feeling so far past perfection, there are no words to describe it, no words to do justice to the moment, no route out of it, or away from it. I sobbed tears of pure joy…This moment alone, made me what I am, and made my life somehow, already complete

If I go back a bit in time; I spent some years in the rat race, until illness took me out of it; and before I felt that feeling, I was struggling to keep up with the rest of the world, failing miserably and marching towards finishing my degree and getting a ‘good job’. Thinking I’d be happy if I could just get those 2 things ‘sorted’.

But; back to that feeling…It was love, unity, peace and maybe just maybe, it was a brief moment spent in the spandangly wonder that is the ‘One-ness’. For that moment, the upper level of the experience was perfection in its purest form…and the under current was a safe and warm message that ‘everything is OK’

I now know that success is already mine, and whilst sad emotions sometimes weigh me down, I also have happiness. I may be in the eyes of some, a drain on society and a royal pain in the ass. But to the people in my life, I am an asset because of the love we share. People are everything when push comes to shove

The people I love ARE my life’s passion, they are a huge part of my dreams

Many don’t realise the importance of people and their relationships until they are pushed/forced to evaluate their lives. I am lucky…I have always known the worth and weight of love

Being succesful at work or at university, may feed our surface emotional needs and the pleasure that comes with being socially ‘Wunderbar’… but these things do not connect us with the love in our life…When I was last very poorly, I thought I had lost the love in my life, I thought I was soon to be homeless, imprisoned, tortured, and even killed

All I cared about during that time was the perceived loss of love

That was it…

The rest was insignificant

Success is Love, and as our perception and experience of it changes, as it matures in the right direction, it becomes more and more beautiful by the second

And more fulfilling

Happiness (for me) is being aware of the love I have in my life. Experiencing it, strengthening it, purifying it and blessing it…

Our friends and family who love us make up the most important ‘asset’ of our lives. When we are lying on our deathbeds, it is not our careers or our certificates that bring us what we need, as we breathe our final minutes on this realm…It is our loved ones who surround our beds

Count all the people in your life who love you, and then also count all those you love and have loved. Imagine for 5 minutes losing them all and you’ll see that love is your everything. It’s what makes us all ‘common’ to each other. Love is universal, love is a shared norm of every culture, even when it is expressed differently. Love heals, love cures, love comforts, love inspires…Love is the impetus for a better life, a better world, a better universe

Society constructs ways to make us feel worthy, and it constructs these labels and positions of superiority, based on bullshit!

The soul constructs a myriad of ways to make us know, feel and appreciate one thing only…

True Love

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  1. Hey again, I totally agree, and the love you send with your posts and comments is greatly appreciated and much needed…Love to you too…Dawny 🙂

  2. Hey juju333, I totally agree with you, and I feel that as well as needing love to thrive and survive, it’s the only thing that can heal deep deep hurt…It’s a miracle when you think about the power it holds, and it’s vital role in our souls. Thanks so much for your words of wisdom…Dawny 🙂

  3. Hey Spirital love blog, sending some thanks right back at ya for your blog, and for sharing your spiritual gifts with the bloggusphere…Dawny 🙂

  4. Love is what it is all about. We may be made up of water, air and other minor elements but we survive and thrive with love.

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