The Hidden Joys of Pigeons…The Apparent ‘Scum’ of the Bird World ;)


When I was young I used to be scared of Pigeons, maybe because a family member who will remain nameless (;0)… scattered bird seeds onto the top of my head in the middle of Trafalgar Square; where half of the world’s pigeons ‘hang out’, and my skull got pecked to buggery by about 15 of the swine’s!

English: London: Trafalgar square, pigeons Pig...

English: London: Trafalgar square

Anyhoo, now that I’m a big girl, I’m kinda in love with birds, and in particular…Pigeons

Here’s why

1. I love the way they shoot their heads back and forth (horizontal like) when they walk around

2. When I look at the skinny-ness of their legs, I’m baffled at the miracle that is –

‘A pigeon walking’…

How those little sticks support the weight of their well rounded selves, I just don’t know!

3. Their beady little eyes come in 3rd

And that is pretty much it…Not a lot to go on, but these 3 little things make me love them. I often stop in the street to watch in wonderment, if I see one strutting his/her stuff! Check out this little chap in action, and next time you’re in need of witnessing a miracle…Remember to look at those matchstick legs and the rules of physics and mass! They defy all logic, which renders their ability to walk, firmly in the ‘magical and miraculous’ arena of life

Just a thought – Maybe their legs are prone to successfully holding them up, because they are knee-less!


Upon further inspection, it looks like they have knees in their upper thighs! Go Figure 😉

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  1. Hey manuelmurder, sooo sorry for the delay in replying. Your square sounds spookily similar to trafalgar. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who finds them fascinating to watch 🙂 I laughed my little ass off at your cannibals question 🙂 thank-you for that chuckle…I’m shocked they got stuck into your egg, did it have mayo in it too? Long live the pigeons…No, the Pigeotos! Far better name. I shall think about your cannibal comment when I go to London on Friday, after this post, I’m feeling the urge to visit them on mass. Thanks muchly for taking the time to share your words…Dawny 🙂

  2. I also, have an infatuation with these scavengers. Here in Portland we have a square. Aplty named Pioneer Sqaure. Hundreds of these birds mill about here. It is right on the max line (a sort of above ground subway type thing) so a crap ton of tourists are always present. Also, there is a starbucks, and many other restaraunts that provide left overs and tasty treats for the pigeons. Or, Pigeotos, as I lovingly refer the them as. I have spent many a day sitting on the steps just watching them, and feeding them. One time, I gave them the unwanted portion of my egg sandwich fully expecting them to gorge on the bread and leave the egg behind. This did not happen. The egg was devoured just as ferociously. I could not help but wonder, does this make them cannibals?

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