My 3 Irreplaceable Items…Island Life and Death! ;)


Someone once told me that you can learn an enormous amount about a person’s nature, if you play this little Q) and A) game

You’re stranded on a desert island, and you will be stuck there for a few months (minimum)

What 3 things would you take with you and why?

1) A Nivea lip balm. Mainly because, once you apply the stuff for more than a week, your body stops making ‘lip grease’ (non scientific explanation). I once believed that the body would figure out – that the moisturising effect was coming from outside of me…apparently not. On a dry day, you’re looking at a maximum comfort period of 15 minutes, before they and I begin to crack. My best friend now buys a bulk box of 28 at a time for me (bless him) as he got sick to death of the ‘lip-arama’ that flowed from me, every time I lost 1. I now have 5 in my handbag at all times in case of emergency 😉

2) A pair of my wonderous shoes…Choosing which pair would be a tall order, but shoes is definitely on the list. I have the boredom threshold of a toddler with ADHD…But my shoes, my shoes, they soothe me for hours at a time! I used to sleep in new pairs (on their 1st night at home) ;/. That was in my tender years, when comfort took a youthful back seat for fashion. Now I just line them up at the side of the bed and ‘shoe stare’ myself to sleep. Ohhhhh Shoes!

3) My Poi’s! I spent 10 hours swinging a set around my head once, and it was one of the best 10 hour slots of my life. Until the girl who owned them took them to bed with her. I was temporarily mortified until I realised I could make my own set. I cut two guy ropes off of our tent (which my sister was miffed about, ‘cos the ‘very not waterproof’ dripping tent wall, caved in on her sleeping area); undeterred by her moaning, I made a hole in the 2 balls that came with my ‘bat and ball set’, threaded the rope through the balls and tied a knot in the bottom. They weren’t a patch on her illuminous jazzy Poi’s… but I was happy as a pig in shit for another 6 or so hours.

I have absolutely no idea what this says about my nature! But there’s my 3 things anyway! 🙂

Care to join my crappy game anyone?

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  1. Hey Maurice, thankyou muchly for joining in on my crappy game 🙂 My 2 favourite foods! You can come join me on the island anytime with those items. Poi’s, lipbalm and shoes are wonderful but you would save me starving to death for a few more days…Dawny 🙂

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