There are worst things in this world than slugs! :)


The conclusion stands until further notice

There may not be any further notices on this subject, maybe there will, either way is cool beans for me!?

At the moment my body is defying movement

It’s never gone on this long, ever, but I know there is some serious healing to be done

The greatest blessing to come from God’s friendship and our faith in each other?

My freedom

I no longer feel the need or desire to chase life’s dreams

If my dream of being a columnist re-ignites, I’ll simply announce myself as a columnist and set up a new blog, simplessssss 🙂

I’m no longer bothered about my bottom of the pile ‘social status’

That is not who I am, only I need to know that

I will not force myself into another job, another commitment, another trip, for a good while

I’m not ready, and I’m totally fine with that too

I don’t know if I will finish my degree, it doesn’t feel important anymore

That may change, but either way, I don’t really seem to care for that piece of paper like I once did

I am little old me, settling into my skin in my time, and in my bubble

If I’m judged for something I’m not, that’s not my doing nor my concern, what others see is out of my control and for the first time, I don’t want to influence or control those things

Shit happens, people judge

I have so much to be thankful for

A great weight has been lifted from my mind recently, the basics are covered

Relaxing without adrenaline pumping through your veins, is actually relaxing… if you get me

I don’t want to travel, though I would love some sun and a waterfall to sit at the bottom of

I’m free from my own chains

I’m standing still

I’m doing little to nothing

By standard measures, anyhoo

Success is a subjective term, I am fast becoming a success for myself

I will never stop being who I am at my core

My future will be what it will be

I’m not running after the sprinters, I’m being lapped and I just couldn’t care less

My mind and body have pounded me into inaction

My heart has stopped hammering away in my chest at an alarming rate, its slowing down, literally

God knows me inside out, and I’m fast catching up with him…and if he’s the only person to ever know me then that’s dandy

Peace is flowing into my soul

It’s wonderful to know that I will have a home for the forseeable future

I’ve never been more grateful for the amazing people I have in my life

Faith has freed me from the rat race and also, the slug race

Healing my mind is what I’m interested in right now

And tending to my relationships, that hasn’t and will never change

Life at large can wait

Opportunities can pass me by

If I ever decide to grab one again, then I’ll grab one

If I don’t, I don’t

But like success, opportunities are subjective and some are not visible to the naked eye

I finally understand where my worth lies

And I’m proud of that worth

I’ve come a long way and once I kick this last hanger on, which is coming soon, then my body will get its chance to be nurtured

I am aware of my utter insignificance, I am smaller than a grain of sand in this gigantic sprawling universe

Approval and acceptance of me from others, will always be limited, but hey ho…I’m a seasoned veteran where that is concerned

I’m listening to the needs of mind, body and soul

If I stay plodding through life at this speed, then I was destined to be a slug

That’s also fine…There are worst things in this world than slugs

The trails they leave behind, shimmer and sparkle

If at my funeral someone stands up and says…”Dawny left a shimmery sparkly trail wherever she went” I’ll consider that a life well lived and a sweet and fitting tribute

Mucho Lovo to all you spandangly peeps on WordPress…Thankyou for your words, they heal me daily, you all heal me daily. I’m blessed and grateful to be connected to you all in tut blogosphere, especially as the journey to here, has been the most difficult of my life

God Bless this Crazy Little Thing Called Life 🙂

Lets face the music and dance!

Mwah Xxx

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  1. Hey Iamforchange…What can I say? Such a heart warming and humbling comment. You are sooooo kind and I can’t tell you how grateful I was to read this, you are definitely a MASSIVE bringer of bling to the bloggusphere and this world, I’m very glad I’ve found you. Thanks again chook and I hope you have a fab day. Luv Dawny 🙂

  2. Hey Spiritualloveblog, Thank you muchly for such a sweet compliment, I love your blog and thank you back for spreading your sparkle too. May the world get as shiny as you, and soon!…Dawny 🙂

  3. Hey Sheri, I must first say that I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! Your words are beautiful, kind and inspiring. Thankyou sooo much for this lovely comment, your sweet beyond words and the world could do with a billion more you’s…Dawny 🙂

  4. “I finally understand where my worth lies, And I’m proud of that worth…if I stay plodding through life at this speed then I was meant to be a slug.” YOU my beautiful have discovered the most important lesson ever, YOU MATTER! Not your speed, just you. But please, always dream. Just shot for those stars, always keeping one foot firmly on the ground. And continue to BE the light you already are!

  5. Thank you, your post is from your heart and it shows. I for one know you shine brightly and am grateful you share your gifts and the “Sparkle” where ever you travel and as your posts reach the world over you my friend are leaving a lot of bling along the way!

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