Gone Too Soon! 3 Legends in 3 Years


Whitney – How could anybody not be transfixed by such talent and beauty. Truly a face and a voice you could get lost in forever. A pitch perfect picture perfect princess! Whitney dragged me through childhood and adolescence and out to the other side.

Michael Jackson – Another deep musical love of mine that developed in my teens. And this performance, in my opinion, is MJ at his best. The expression on his face when he is singing the last-minute; captures his magic, his talent and his passion in its entirety. It often brings me to tears; and it moves me to my very core…

And of course, my beloved Amy…A woman who should be described in no less than 6 paragraphs if you’re gonna do her any justice what-so-ever. So I’m hoping for a punchy and dazzling 5 word (though severly lacking) description

Divine unique soul shattering genius

All 3 of them perfect in their own right. Icons. Legends. Who will continue to shape music and art for generations to come. Mind blowing and rare talent, and though I am so sad they’ve passed away, I feel very lucky to have lived in their lifetimes…

Here are 3 of my all time favourite videos, enjoy Xxx

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