Music and Me…


Music – My best friend

Music – The language of my soul

Music – My therapymusic

Music – My counsel

Music – My counselling

Music – My happiness

Music – My escape

Music – My love

Music – My atmosphere

Music – My desiremusic 1

Music – My healing

Music – My Divine

Music – My passion

Music – My fashion

Music – My memories

Music – My blanket

Music – My rhythmmusic 2

Music – My leisure

Music – My philosophy

Music – My grace

Music – My medicine

Music – My soul

Music – My heart

Music – Master of my feet

Music – My story

Music – My glory

Music was my 1st love and it will be my lastmusic 3

Glasses raised for the bass, the beat, the melody, the lyrics, the heat, the body moving, funky grooving, mind altering – tunes, tracks and songs of my past, my present, my future

Music – Almost my everything…

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