Just Breathe…


Fear and pain cause us to build a fortress around ourselves, one thick enough to withstand nuclear attacks to the mind, body and soulfear

Reality teaches us all about the limitations of fear

And ends the lesson with a reminder that scary things exist

But does it do us any good? Trying to avoid fearful situations?

The soul knows the answer to this…

The soul knows love, life, peace and freedom. It has no room or purpose for fear, other than as a reminder to be brave

Fear stops me breathing, over and over again

And over and over again, I remember or I’m reminded to breathefear 1

JUST breathe

Until my wise mind catches hold of my other mind

I’m reminded that I must let go of the past

I’m reminded that I must stop worrying about the future

So I deliver another blow to my old fortress walls

I do so by remembering that NOW is what matters

Now is the pre-sent gift, it’s even called a present as another reminder that it should be cherished

Old habits die hard, but die they do

Very soon, what once was an impenetrable fortress, will be a pile of rubble

And in the centre, will be little old me…BREATHING and SMILING 🙂fear 2

Brain training is at times, painfully slow

But always…


It is worth it in the end

It’s time to give the gift of mutism to my past

It’s time to breathe…





In Out In Out In Out

Now not then, Now not then, Now not then fear 1

Big exhale…. ‘cos I forgot again (perseverance is the love child of fear and fortress getting it on ;))

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  1. Hey Suziecue, thanks again for taking the time to stop by and comment. I really appreciate your words and I enjoyed reading the post linked…It certainly does take a long time ay but as the saying goes…nothing great comes easy…Dawny 🙂

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