The Xmas Present of The Century!!!


Santa was very kind to me this year!steam

As tragic as this may be – my most favourite gift was a VAX steam cleaner!

The thing is tooooooo cool for words

To say my house was a bit dusty…pre xmas, would be the understatement of the century

I finally gained enough energy to blitz the flat of all surface debris

And then; I spent a bliss-filled hour blasting the living life out of every shelf, fake plant and ornament in sight – with my trusty jet of ‘red hot magic steamy dust killing power’

We age, we change, we fall in love with household cleaners and subsequently; we become the opposite to ‘street’ (wise…)

And finally, when we openly discuss the joys of steamy jets on our posts…We officially become ‘tragic’ in tut Bloggus-Sphere toooooo!

I care not for the judgements 😉steam 1

One day, the young and uber cool will gasp with delight…over a household cleaning product, born of their era.

All in good time…all in good time my youthful friends!

God Bless you VAX!

I is ‘Past it and Proud’ 😉

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  1. Hey there Idiotprufs, thanks for your comment 🙂 and sorry for the delay getting back to you…I have no valid excuse lol. Also, please feel free to shop for me whenever you feel the urge (I love socks and carrier bags too, so really, you can’t go wrong buying me a gift…Dawny 🙂

  2. Hey Suziecue, thanks for your funny comment, and please accept my apologies for the late reply! I’m not sure about enlightened, just strange 🙂 I was as excited when I bought my 1st close horse at 15! Before that, I used to stare at hoovers in the Argos Book…Oh The Dreams lol…Dawny 🙂

  3. Hey green eyed Geisha, thankyou for stopping by and for commenting 🙂 Sorry for such a late reply! Your comment made me chuckle! I’m glad im not alone in being excited by cleaning squit:0 All I need to do now is re-fill the bugger and wipe out some more dust! It never ends!!! Dawny 🙂

  4. Hey Beautiful/the other side…So sorry for the shockingly late response, I have no valid excuse 😉 Your aluminium flowers sound lovely! I’m loving all the metal wall art that is out at the mo! LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog toooooo! Muchly…Take Care, Luv Dawny 🙂

  5. I am so jealous. I would like to reach the enlightened status where a cleaning tool lifts my consciousness into the ecstatic union with Mr. Clean!

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