Sod is My Middle Name! ;)


Sod (the 1st) has always been a memorable and talked about public figure, throughout many era’ssods law 5 and periods

His logic and fixed truths have remained both popular and unchanged; even through times of great social unrest and modernisation.

As a prolific law-maker, who focused on ‘mysterious and ironic saga’s’…his name is often mentioned when strange and unfortunate events occur

Examples of his early work include :-sods law 7

– The Odd Sock Phenomena/More Phantom Objects (are) Disappearing ‘Act’ of 1453 (bc)

– Torrential rain for 7 days, in an entire year, but coinciding with your 7 day holiday at the ‘normally sunny EVERYDAY location’

– Over-sleeping for the 1st time ever, and waking to find a coach full of hungry OAP’s, herding around the main entrance to your Public House. Which should have been open for business…10 minutes before…

Sod, Me, Hearts and Minds

At heart…I am twinned with ‘Anthea Turner’, when it comes to the ideal state of domestic livingsods law

At heart…I am on the cusp of making ‘arty and sparkly’ see through boxes for my shoes. I know that a tidy house equals a tidy mind. And when I’m surrounded by a spring cleaned and fully spruced environment, I automatically begin singing cos’ my heart is so bloody chuffed about it.sods law 2

In (SODS) reality where my mind resides, it all goes wrong for the poor unlistened to…’ultra tidy downtrodden’ me ;).

Noted by ‘Sods Law’ back in the 14th century, some women were incapable of ‘keeping house’ in spite of their mothers shining example and multiple lessons in the trade. The men who married these women, were known to converse about their marriages at the local highway tavern

The phrase ‘Sods Law Indoors’ is noted in historical documents from a number of published specialists as ‘northern rhyming slang’ and a common ‘nickname’ for one’s problem spouse.

To this day, I am a clumsy half repaired machine of complete destruction; and I create invasive piles of crap type devastation too. Even on days with no set tasks to do, I make more mess than an average family of 4 do in a weekend..sods law 3.

So that’s Kim and Aggy’s DNA, and Anthea Turners mind; but still; in reality, I have a domestic situation resembling  the carnage of ‘The Young Ones’  house…Sods Law in effect once againsods law 1

In spite of Sod pissing us all off with his ‘Suck it Up’ legal system… I respect the old boy for his life’s work – noting these laws; as they’ve remained universally relevant, gazillions of years later…

Disclaimer – I made most of these facts up!!! sadly though…the story of my domestic hovel is true 😉

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